Bin placement and use

Placing your garbage and recyling bins in the correct position on the street makes them easily accessible for bin collectors. Incorrect placement may lead to your bin being unable to be emptied.

Correct placement includes:

  • Wheels are away from the kerb
  • Front of bin is 10-100cm from kerb
  • Lid is fully shut
  • Bin is easily accessible

Avoid these bin placements


The wheels are facing the wrong way for pick-up.  Make sure bin is not overfull and that bags are not placed on the footpath. Don't place bin behind parked cars or other objects that make collection difficult.

Items that must not be placed in your bin

Placement of Recycling materials

Place bins, as shown:

3 colour bins 

Request a new bin

What can be recycled

Further information
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9205 5555

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