Business Waste Collection Service

Two men emptying rubbish bins into a garbage truckFor a one-off fee, Council can provide local businesses with a weekly waste and recycling collection service.

The service is for domestic waste only (for example, rubbish and recycling from tea rooms and offices) and does not replace commercial waste collection services.

To encourage proper waste separation, Council no longer provides a waste bin only collection service. When you order a waste bin, you will also need to order at least one recycling bin. Recycling bins alone can still be ordered.

The one-off fee is as follows:

  • 80-litre waste bin and 120-litre recycling bin = $210.00
  • 120-litre waste bin and 120-litre recycling bin = $245.00  
  • 240-litre waste bin and 240-litre recycling bin = $255.00 (This price covers the cost of the 240-litre waste bin. You receive the recycling bin for free).

Recycling bin only:

  • 120-litre or 240-litre recycling bin = $72.50 (no extra charge for larger bin)

Council collections take place weekly. Council can provide one service only per rateable property. Businesses or suites that are part of the same rateable property should contact Council to discuss their circumstances.

Online form

You can register your interest in receiving the business collection service by filling in this online form or calling Council on 9205 5555. You will need the property number found on your rates notice. This service is not available for all local businesses, so we will be back in touch to advise you of your eligibility. 

Further information
9205 5555

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