Syringe Disposal Bins

As part of Council's syringe management services, 90 syringe disposal bins are provided across the municipality.

Please find below a map which shows the locations of the syringe disposal bins

If you are after a listing of the bin locations, a list will come up on the left hand side of the screen if you visit Yarra City Council - syringe disposal. Alternatively, the same link is available underneath the map below.

If when you are out and about in Yarra, you notice that a syringe disposal bin is full or damaged, please call the Yarra Syringe Disposal Hotline on 9417 5125.

Here is more information on syringe disposal, including what to do if you find a discarded syringe.


Further information
Sarah Jaggard
Policy Advisor, Community Health &  Safety 
9205 5160


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