Prescribed accommodation

Prescribed accommodation premises such as residential accommodation, motels, hotels, hostels, student dormitories and rooming houses require registration under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and must comply with certain regulations to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

If a rooming house accommodates three or less people or other types of accommodation accommodates five or less people (excluding members of the operator’s family) they are not considered prescribed accommodation and do not require registration.

If you are opening, buying or selling a prescribed accommodation business you need to ensure the premises is registered with Council.

Setting up a Prescribed Accommodation business

If you are looking at setting up a new prescribed accommodation premises you must contact Council’s Health Protection Unit to find out about compliance requirements.

Step 1 - Planning Permits

The first step in the process is to ensure that the business you are planning is able to be conducted at your intended premises.  You should contact Council’s Town Planning Department on 9205 5373 to check on permitted uses and whether any permits are required.

Step 2 - Building Permits

If you are intending on constructing a new building or making any structural changes to an existing building you will need to obtain the necessary building permits.  For further information contact Council’s Building Services on 9205 5095.

Step 3 – Complete and lodge a registration application

You will need to lodge a completed application form together with plans of the premises to a scale of at least 1:100 that show the proposed use and size of each room.  A fee needs to be paid once the application has been lodged and accepted.  An invoice will be generated at that time.

docx format Application for Registration of a Prescribed Accommodation Premises (32.17 KB)

Contact the Compliance Administration Team on 9205 5166 to find out the appropriate fee.

Step 4 – Premises layout

For details of fit out and compliance requirements such as the maximum number of people that can be accommodated in each room you will need to refer the relevant provisions of the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009.

When Council receives an application for registration an inspection will be made to ensure all requirements for the premises are met.

Transferring registration of a prescribed accommodation

If you are taking over an existing prescribed accommodation business you need to lodge a transfer of registration application.  A transfer of registration application can be obtained by contacting the Compliance Administration Team.  A transfer application fee will need to be paid when lodging the transfer application.

If you are taking over an existing prescribed accommodation and making significant changes to the business operation or premise then you will need to lodge an application to register a new prescribed accommodation.  Refer step 3 above.

Further information
Compliance Administration Team
9205 5166

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