Set up a personal care business

Personal Care/Body Art businesses include hairdressing, beauty parlours, tattooing, ear-piercing and colonic irrigation. These businesses, and any others involving penetration of the skin (excluding acupunture businesses), must register with the Council, the premises on which these businesses are carried out.

If you are taking over an existing personal care/body art business find out what to do by going to Transferring ownership of a personal care or body art business.

Step 1 - Planning Permits

The first step in the process is to ensure that the business you are planning is able to be conducted at your intended address. You should contact Council’s Town Planning Department on 9205 5373 to check on permitted uses and whether any permits are required.


Step 2 - Building Permits

If you are intending on constructing a new building or making any structural changes to an existing building you will need to obtain the necessary building permits. For further information contact Council’s Building Services on 9205 5095.


Step 3 - Premises Layout

To assist in ensuring the premises meets relevant requirements download a copy of Design and Fit - Out of Premises Providing Personal Care and Body Art Services (127.70 KB)

Comprehensive guidance is also available in the Department of Health and Human Service’s document called Health Guidelines for the Personal Care and Body Art Industries.


Step 4 - Registration

You must register your personal care/body art premises with Council. To do this, you must lodge a completed application form and pay an application fee.

The application form is available here: pdf format Personal Care/Body Art Premises Application (91.45 KB)

To find out the registration fee, contact Council's Compliance Administration Team on 9205 5166.

When Council receives an application for a personal care/body art business, an inspection of the premises will be made to ensure all requirements are met. If the inspection shows compliance, the application is complete and correct and the required fee has been paid, the premises will be registered.

Registration for premises is annual and must be renewed each year unless the only processes conducted on the premises are hairdressing or the application of temporary make up or both. In these cases registration will be on going.

Premises that are subject to renewal are inspected at least annually. Premises subject to on-going registration will be inspected if there is a need, such as a complaint has been received or Council needs to confirm that only hairdressing or the application of temporary make up services, are being conducted.

Further information

Compliance Administration Team
9205 5166









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