Transferring registration of a food business

If you are taking over an existing class 1, 2 or 3 food premises you will need to transfer the registration of the premises. 

If you are taking over an existing class 4 food premises you will need to lodge a notification form with Council.  For more information on classes of food premises go to the Department of Health and Human Services website.

To transfer the registration of a food premises an Application to Transfer the Registration of a Food Premises must be completed and submitted with the payment of a transfer fee. This application can be obtained by contacting Council’s Compliance Administration Team on 9205 5166.

Details of how to lodge the application and pay the required fee are included on the form.

Once an application is lodged, an authorised officer will review the application, inspect the premises and provide a report to the applicant and the current proprietor.  Compliance with the requirements of the Food Act 1984 is the responsibility of the person operating the business at the time (e.g. if urgent repairs to equipment need to be made or cleaning needs to be done immediately, the person running the business at that time must undertake any required works).

Council must be notified when settlement has occurred.  Once settlement has occurred and Council is satisfied that all requirements of the Food Act 1984 have been met, Council will transfer the registration of the premises into the name of the new proprietor.

In certain circumstances the registration cannot be transferred until non-compliances have been rectified or the registration may be transferred on condition that non-compliances are rectified by a specified date.

If a new proprietor will be making significant changes to the food premises, then the application will be considered a new registration and not a transfer.

For information on the required structure and fit out of a food premises, refer to Council’s doc format Food Premises and Equipment Guidelines 2015 (10.83 MB) and the Food Safety Standards.

Further information
Compliance Administration Team
9205 5166

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