Public Health Plan

The Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (Health Plan) is the strategic document that identifies health and wellbeing priorities for the City of Yarra.

It provides a strategic framework, and records corresponding planned actions to be undertaken by Council and its partners in other Government and non-Government agencies.

Council’s most apparent roles in public health include maternal and child health services, environmental health officers, waste management, needle and syringe collection and grants to community-based health agencies.
However, local governments can help the community to achieve optimal health and wellbeing by creating and fostering the necessary social, economic and environmental conditions.

Yarra’s Health Plans are based on a framework called the Social Model Of Health, where (in tandem with biological and medical factors) improvements in health and wellbeing are achieved by addressing the social and environmental determinants of health, including the natural environment (air, water, vegetation and climate), built environment (parks, street lighting, footpaths, cycling lanes and trails, recreation and community facilities), economic environment (access to employment) and social environment (community participation and connectedness).

Councils are mandated under the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Act (2008) to develop an updated four year Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan within twelve months of Council elections.

The current Health Plan 2013-2017 has been adopted by Council (in October 2013) and has been submitted to the Victorian Department of Health.

The Health Plan 2013-2017

The current Health Plan 2013-2017 has four health priorities nominated due to their demonstrable impacts on local population health, as well as their interconnectedness, both in terms of causes and interventions:

  • Health Promoting Environments,
  • Community Safety,
  • Reducing the Harms from Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, and
  • Closing the Gap on Indigenous Health.

Each year Council reviews its Health Plan. In doing so, a yearly implementation plan is produced. The yearly implementation plans and annual progress reports for the current health plan are located below.

pdf format Yarra Health Plan 2013-2017 (1.16 MB)

pdf format Year 1 implementation plan (209.37 KB)

pdf format Year 1 implementation progress report (238.62 KB)

pdf format Year 2 implementation plan (228.88 KB)

pdf format Year 2 implementation progress report (427.19 KB)

pdf format Year 3 implementation plan (427.60 KB)

pdf format Year 3 implementation progress report (233.31 KB)

pdf format Year 4 implementation plan (424.54 KB)

Health Status Report 2013

Producing a report on the Health Status of the local population is a mandatory requirement for all Victorian Councils in developing a Health Plan.

Analysing a range of data sources, the Health Status Report provides a current and comprehensive overview of the health and wellbeing status of the population of Yarra, considering the social, economic and environmental determinants that can impact their quality of life into the future. Municipal Public Health Plan - Health Status Report - March 2013 - Yarra City Council (2.81 MB)

Previous Health Plans
City of Yarra Health Plan 2009-2013 (639.76 KB)


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