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You can search for any application lodged with Yarra City Council since 2001. Simply fill in one or several of the fields below and click the submit button at the bottom of the page to find the required application(s).

Full copies of planning application files can be viewed in person at the Statutory Planning counter at the Richmond Town Hall, 333 Bridge Road, Richmond Monday to Friday and 8.30am - 5.00pm. For further information about accessing planning files, please follow this link

Application Search Criteria
What is the planning application number? eg. PL01/0439
In what suburb is the property located?
What street number or partial street number is used to identify the property?
In which street is the property located?
Is the application past or current?
In which ward is the property located?

Last update: 25 May 2017

Further Information

Planning Unit
Telephone: 9205 5373

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