Amendment C104

Channel 9, Richmond

In March 2012, the Planning Minister approved Amendment C104 to the Yarra Planning Scheme, enabling the redevelopment of the former Channel 9 site in Bendigo Street, Richmond.

The Amendment, which came into effect on 12 April 2012, makes the following changes to the Yarra Planning Scheme:

  • Removes reference to the site being a core industrial area and identifies it as a strategic redevelopment site
  • Rezones the site to a Mixed Use Zone (from Industrial 1 Zone)
  • Applies a Development Plan Overlay (DPO Schedule 5)
  • Applies the Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO)

Council had asked the Minister to approve an Amendment that reduced the maximum height of the redevelopment from eight storeys to six storeys. However, the Planning Minister wrote to Council advising that he had approved the Amendment with no restrictions on heights.

Despite the Minister's approval of the Amendment, developer Lend Lease has subsequently submitted a revised development plan to Council which lowers the maximum height of the redevelopment from eight  to six storeys.

More information about the revised development plan is available on the Channel 9 site, Richmond webpage.


Council adopted the Amendment in December 2011 and then asked the Minister to approve it.

In adopting the Amendment, Council adopted a revised Schedule to the Development Plan Overlay. This revised Schedule, included below, included changes suggested by an independent planning panel which considered the proposed development in mid-2011. The panel's changes are marked on the document.

The Schedule was also further changed in line with Council's resolution from its 20 December 2011 meeting.

Documents to support the Amendment can be found here:

Further information
Sherry Hopkins
Coordinator – Strategic Planning
9205 5374


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