Planning Scheme Amendments

Sunny CTHAll development in Yarra is regulated by the Yarra Planning Scheme.

Council often proposes changes and additions to the Yarra Planning Scheme to help bring about appropriate development and to maintain the heritage and character of our City.

Community feedback is sought on proposed Amendments to the Yarra Planning Scheme before Council decides whether or not to adopt them. Once Council has adopted an Amendment, final approval needs to be sought from the Minister for Planning.

The links below outline some of the more recent changes either proposed or made to the Yarra Planning Scheme:

Current Amendments

Amendment C181 - 10 Bedford Street, Collingwood

Amendment C183 - Heritage Gaps Amendment

Amendment C173 - Providing additional heritage protection in Richmond, Cremorne, Fitzroy and Collingwood

Amendment C133 - Introduction of an Environmentally Efficient Design policy

Amendment C138 - Rezoning of land for Richmond Plaza Shopping Centre car park

Amendment C149 - implementation of recommendations from the Heritage Gap Study

Amendment C157 - implementation of recommendations from the Heritage Gap Study (second amendment)

Amendment C163 - Heritage Overlay for part of Victoria Street, Abbotsford 

Approved Amendments

Amendment C176 - New residential zones

Amendment C117 - Stormwater Management (Water Sensitive Urban Design)

Amendment C84 - Municipal Strategic Statement

Amendment C85 - Heritage Review

Amendment C102 - Gipps Precinct, Collingwood

Amendment C103 - Former TAFE Site, 35 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Amendment C104 - Channel 9 site, Richmond

Amendment C109 - Introduction of Local Gaming Policy

Amendment C112 - Kangan Batman TAFE Site, 70 Gwynne Street, Cremorne

Amendment C113 - North and south of Johnston Street, between Smith and Brunswick Streets

Amendment C116 - Various Proposed Rezonings

Amendment C126 - Public Acquisition Overlay – North Fitzroy Community Hub 

Amendment C131 - Emma Street, Collingwood

Amendment C150 - 520 Victoria Street and 2A Burnley Street and 2 – 30 Burnley Street, Richmond

Amendment C151 - Correction of mapping errors in the Yarra Planning Scheme

Amendment C170 - 32-68 Mollison Street, Abbotsford and 61-69 William Street, Abbotsford

Amendment C178 - Planning permit exemptions for minor works


Abandoned Amendments

Amendment C97 – Cremorne and Church Street Precinct

Amendment C140 - implementation of some of the objectives of the Smith Street Stucture Plan

For past amendments to the Yarra Planning Scheme, please refer to the Department of Planning and Community Development website.

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