Draft Johnston Street Local Area Plan

Traffic in Johnston StreetCouncil, at its meeting on 16 December 2015, considered submissions on the Draft Johnston Street Local Area Plan and whether to adopt a revised version of the plan.

Council decided to defer consideration of the plan pending further community consultation and clarification of the State Government’s direction on transport, planning and housing policy, plus the resolution of residential zones.

Community consultation on the draft plan was initially conducted in July 2012. Since that time some key assumptions in the plan have changed and may change further with a new State Government elected in November 2014.

In 2015, Council will call for further input from the community and consider the changing character and emerging uses of Johnston Street. Once this is completed a report on the submissions on the revised plan will be presented to Council for consideration.

Since the Draft Local Area Plan was consulted on in 2012 there have been a number of factors that influenced the development of the final version of the plan that were considered by Council. These included:

  • The introduction by the state government of a suite of new commercial and residential zones in 2013 and 2014 that will influence existing commercial and residential areas in the City of Yarra and within the study area;
  • The release of a new metropolitan planning strategy, Plan Melbourne that has implications for the study area, including the identification of an urban renewal corridor that affects the eastern side of Hoddle Street from North Richmond Station through to the southern edge of the Eastern Freeway;
  • Other structure plan projects and planning scheme amendment processes, including the panel report for the Smith Street Structure Plan (released in June 2012);
  • A number of VCAT decisions that relate to planning applications along Johnston Street; and
  • Uncertainty about the proposed East-West Link project

View the Johnston Street Local Area Plan & supporting documents

A copy of the revised Local Area Plan and supporting background documents can be viewed using the links below:

Full Johnston Street Local Area Plan document - note this is a large file (15 MB):

pdf format Johnston Street Local Area Plan (Dec 2014).pdf (15.02 MB)

The Plan has been broken in to smaller parts for easier downloading: 

Appendix A - Policy Basis:

pdf format Johnston Street Local Area Plan - Appendix A - Policy Basis.pdf (1.06 MB)

Appendix B - Built Form Analysis and Recommendations - full document - note this is a large file (20 MB):

pdf format Johnston Street Local Area Plan Appendix B - Built Form Analysis & Recommendations (20.22 MB)

Appendix B has been broken in to smaller parts for easier downloading: 

What is the purpose of the Local Area Plan?

The Local Area Plan will be used to manage and guide change for the Johnston Street Activity Centre.  The Plan provides focus and direction on matters such as new development, changes in land-use and activity, physical changes to streets and public areas, design of buildings, transport and sustainability. 

The Local Area Plan sets out a proposed vision for the future of the Johnston Street Activity Centre and includes a series of objectives and strategies that outline how that vision would be achieved. 

It will be used to:

  • Provide guidance in decision making for new development,
  • Coordinate better community services,
  • Improve active transport, including pedestrian and cycling access and movements,
  • Plan physical changes to streetscapes,
  • Guide public and private sector development, and
  • Advocate for, and coordinate action by government departments and agencies.

The Plan focuses on four key themes:

  • Land use – The type of activities the community would like to see and how change to activities (such as shopping, restaurants, offices, community facilities and housing) should be managed.
  • Built form – What the centre should look like in 10-20 years and the factors that should be considered in the design of new development.  Within the study area, eight key precincts have been identified and ‘Built Form Character Guidelines’ have been prepared for each precinct.  The guidelines outline the preferred future character and maximum building heights for each precinct.  Preferred maximum building heights range from 2-3 storeys to 5-6 storeys.  
  • Public spaces – Proposed changes in public areas, including the streets, parks and civic spaces. 
  • Access and movement – Identifying improvements to pedestrian, bicycle and public transport access. 

The study area

The study area for the Johnston Street Local Area Plan extends along Johnston Street from the Yarra River (Abbotsford) at the eastern end through to Smith Street (Collingwood) in the west, as shown on the map below:

Johnston Street Local Area Plan Study Area Map


The Draft Johnston Street Local Area Plan (2012) was developed in consultation with the community and is available here for viewing:

pdf format Draft Local Area Plan 2012 Part 1 (1.73 MB)
pdf format Draft Local Area Plan 2012 Part 2 (2.31 MB)

Prior to the Draft Local Area Plan being created, extensive background research and analysis was undertaken to create an Issues and Opportunities Paper which Council sought community feedback on in October and November 2011.  A copy of the paper can be viewed here: pdf format Issues & Opportunities Paper Johnston Street Local Area Plan (1.20MB)

As part of that consultation, community workshops were held in October 2011 and February 2012. Some of the ideas put forward by the community included:

  • Revitalising the Johnston Street environment through encouraging a diversity of land uses such as shops and housing,
  • Guiding the design and scale of future buildings to respect the activity centre and surrounding low rise residential areas,
  • Improving the street environment for pedestrians and encouraging active forms of transport, and
  • Improving access to Victoria Park Station and nearby public spaces.

In addition to the feedback received during the community workshops, Council received ten written submissions. This feedback assisted Council in preparing the Draft Local Area Plan.

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