How to apply for a planning permit

PlanningMost people, at some stage, will want to make some changes to their home or property, and may need to lodge a planning permit application with Council.

The planning permit system ensures development in Yarra is managed effectively, is suitable for its surroundings, and considers possible environmental and heritage impacts.

For a simple explanation of what is involved in the different stages of the planning permit process, please refer to the Overview of the Planning Permit Process fact sheet.

pdf format Planning Permits Overview (463.24 KB)

It is important to find out exactly what planning controls apply to your property before you begin. This information can be obtained via:

If you do not have a current certificated title, you can obtain one by visiting the Land Information Center website.

How to apply for a planning permit

The easiest way to find out if your building project requires a planning permit is to contact Council. To make an appointment with one of Council's Planning Officers, call Council's Planning Unit on 9205 5373 or visit the Planning desk at Richmond Town Hall (333 Bridge Road). 

Bring a sketch map of your proposal and address details when meeting the planner (wherever possible).

When you have established with a Planning Officer that a permit is required for the project, you will need to fill in a Planning Permit Application Form, which can be downloaded here:

  • Planning Permit Application Form
  • Please note: applications will not be accepted if the form is incomplete or any sections of the form have been removed.

    If you would like a hard copy of the form, please pick one up from the Richmond Town Hall or ask for one to be mailed out to you by contacting Council's Planning Unit on 9205 5373. 

    You can find further instructions on how to fill out the Planning Permit Application Form by visiting the planning section of the Department of Planning and Community Development website.


    Planning applications can take several weeks to process and even longer if there are objections or appeals against the proposal.

    When first discussing the project it is best to check with a Planning Officer who can advise you of the likely timeframe for obtaining a planning permit for your particular project.

    Ordinarily, Council has 60 days to make a decision on an application. 


    The lodgement fee depends on the type of proposal. Fees are set by the State Government and must be paid before an application can be assessed.

    To find out the fee you will be charged, please call Council’s Planning Department on 9205 5373. Council also charges for public notification sign/s to be displayed on the relevant site as well as for  letters to be sent out to the owners and occupiers of surrounding properties who may be affected by the application/amendment.

    Further information

    Statutory Planning
    9205 5373

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