Former Yorkshire Brewery site (1-21 Robert St, Collingwood)

Former Yorkshire Brewery siteThe Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has directed Council to issue a permit for a redevelopment of the former Yorkshire Brewery site at 1-21 Robert Street, Collingwood.

Council resolved to refuse a permit for the proposed development in October 2012 on the grounds that its scale and height would dominate surrounding streetscapes, that it did not fit the neighbourhood character of the precinct, and that it was seen as an overdevelopment of the site.

VCAT set Council's decision aside and ordered a planning permit to be issued on 27 March 2013.

The full VCAT decision can be read here: docx format VCAT Order - SMA Projects V Yarra CC - 27 March 2013 (72.61 KB)

Construction Proposal

The proposal from SMA Projects is to construct a mixed use, but predominantly residential development on the site.

A number of buildings of heritage significance on the site  are to be restored, adapted and integrated into the proposed development, while the silos and some buildings are to be demolished.

The new residential buildings range in height from 3 storeys to 17 storeys.
Two basement levels are proposed.
A neighbourhood square is also proposed at ground level.

A total of 350 dwellings (1, 2 and 3 bedrooms) and 336 parking spaces are proposed.
The majority of the parking is to be provided in independently operating stacker systems.

Amendment to approved plans - July 2013

In July 2013, an application has been logdged with VCAT to amend approved plans for the Yorkshire Brewery site.

 Proposed changes to the plans include:

Application History

Council sought community feedback on the original development proposal from SMA Projects in late 2011.
Forty five community members objected to the proposal.

In mid 2012, the developer submitted amended plans for the site aimed at addressing some of the concerns raised by the objectors and Council's planners.

The main changes from the original plans were:

  • Total number of apartments increased from 349 to 350
  • Total number of car parking spaces reduced from 348 to 336
  • Increased setbacks between the central apartment building and the north-west apartment building (14 storeys) to a minimum of 7.2m
  • An additional setback of 6m average is provided to levels 13-16 of the 17 storey apartment building from Waterloo Road
  • A reduced setback of the north-western apartment building to a minimum of 15.7m from the north-south carriageway
  • A total of 200 onsite storage cages would be provided.

The matter returned to Council in October 2012, where Council resolved to refuse a permit for the proposed development on the grounds that its scale and height would dominate surrounding streetscapes, that it did not fit the neighbourhood character of the precinct, and that it was seen as an overdevelopment of the site.

The motion supported by Council also recognised that overshadowing of a neighbourhood square within the development site as well as windows and private open space areas, also within the site, would adversely impact amenity.

In October 2012, the developer lodged an appeal against Council’s refusal to issue permit with VCAT.

Here is more information on:

Amended Plan documents
Heritage Victoria grants permit for redevelopment
Original planning application and supporting documents

VCAT Hearing

The VCAT hearing was held over five days from the 4 – 8 February 2013. Please find below the evidence files for Council and the applicant.

Council Evidence

pdf format 23012013-VCAT Hearing Council Evidence (3.32 MB)

Applicant's Evidence

pdf format Environmental Sustainable Design Evidence.pdf (728.54 KB)
pdf format Environmental Wind Speed Evidence.pdf (2.35 MB)
pdf format Evidence Montages_Part1.pdf (2.10 MB)
pdf format Evidence Montages_Part2.pdf (2.07 MB)
pdf format Evidence Montages_Part3.pdf (2.43 MB)
pdf format Evidence Montages_Part4.pdf (381.02 KB)
pdf format Evidence Statement for Montages.pdf (43.50 KB)
pdf format Heritage Evidence_Part1.pdf (2.37 MB)
pdf format Heritage Evidence_Part2.pdf (1.57 MB)
pdf format Peer Review Economic Assessment.pdf (313.19 KB)
pdf format Statement of Evidence.pdf (1.88 MB)
pdf format Traffic Evidence.pdf (2.31 MB)
pdf format Urban Design Evidence.pdf (1.96 MB)

Amended Plan documents

Please find below the amended plans that have been submitted by the applicant to Council.

pdf format Summary of Changes (41.77 KB)

pdf format Amended Plans (Part One) (1.97 MB)
pdf format Amended Plans (Part Two) (1.46 MB)
pdf format Amended Plans (Part Three) (1.43 MB)
pdf formatAmended Plans (Part Four) (2.06 MB)

pdf format Amended Waste Management Plan (122.23 KB)
pdf format Updated Acoustic Report (1.36 MB)
pdf format Amended Plans - Perspective (2.48 MB)
pdf format Landscaping works to Robert Street (449.25 KB)

Heritage Victoria grants permit for redevelopment

In April 2012, Heritage Victoria granted developer SMA Projects a permit for its proposed redevelopment of the former Yorkshire Brewery site.Heritage Victoria did not require any changes to be made to the original plans submitted by SMA.

As the brewery site is on the Victorian Heritage Register, the applicant was required to seek a permit from Heritage Victoria. This is in addition to the requirement to seek a permit from Council for the redevelopment.

Heritage Victoria asked Council for its comments on the heritage impact of the proposal. At a Special Council meeting on 8 November 2011, Council decided to tell Heritage Victoria that it objected to the redevelopment on heritage grounds. Here is a media release about Council's decision.

Original planning application and supporting documents

pdf format Application for Planning Permit (Part One) (2.80MB) 
pdf format Application for planning permit (Part Two) (1.97MB)
pdf format Application for Planning Permit (Part Three) (1.52MB)

pdf format Urban Context Report (Part One) (2.46MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part Two) (1.18MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part Three) (1.57MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part Four) (2.67MB)
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part Five) (1.51MB)  
pdf format Urban-Context-Report-(Part-Six) (392.89kB) 
pdf format Urban Context Report (Part Seven) (1.90MB)

pdf format Architectural Drawings (Part One) (2.40MB)
pdf format Architectural Drawings (Part Two) (1.79MB)
pdf format Architectural Drawings (Part Three) (1.45MB)
pdf format Architectural Drawings (Part Four) (1.57MB)
pdf format Architectural Drawings (Part Five) (1.83MB)
pdf format Architectural Drawings (Part Six) (889.19kB)
pdf format Architectural Drawings (Part Seven) (2.46MB)

pdf format Basement (339.09kB) 

pdf format Elevation Plan - Stables (46.99kB) 
pdf format Elevation Plan - Brew Tower (66.54kB)

pdf format Heritage Impact Statement (2.31MB)

pdf format Conservation Management Plan (Part One) (2.10MB)
pdf format Conservation Management Plan (Part Two) (2.01MB)
pdf format Conservation Management Plan (Part Three) (1.79MB)
pdf format Conservation Management Plan (Part Four) (2.04MB)
pdf format Conservation Management Plan (Part Five) (2.88MB)
pdf format Conservation Management Plan (Part Six) (2.85MB)
pdf format Conservation Management Plan (Part Seven) (1.80MB)

pdf format Higher Density Development Assessment (81.14kB)

pdf format Landscape Report (1,012.86kB) 
pdf format Landscape Concept Plan (948.05kB)

pdf format Traffic Report (3.22MB)

pdf format Car Parking - Double Stacker (Type One) (434.82kB)
pdf format Car Parking - Double Stacker (Type Two) (511.73kB)
pdf format Car Parking - Triple Stacker (203.66kB) 

pdf format Sustainability Management Plan (685.05kB)
pdf format Waste Management Plan (291.15kB)
pdf format Summary of Economic Assessment (60.56kB)
pdf format Wind Report (1.64MB) 
pdf format Acoustic Report (1.36MB)
pdf format Finishes Board (405.86kB)

Further information
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Senior Statutory Planner
9205 5005 

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