677-679 Victoria Street, Abbotsford

In April 2010, Council approved a 586-apartment development at 677-679 Victoria Street, Abbotsford.

Following appeals against Council’s decision by several objectors, the matter was heard at VCAT in August and September 2010. The main points discussed at the VCAT hearing were the height of the buildings, setbacks from the river, landscaping, architectural quality and Cultural Heritage management.

On 21 October 2010, VCAT ordered that a planning permit be granted for the proposed development.

Here is a link to the VCAT findings and to a Council media release about the VCAT outcome.


Council issued a Notice of Decision to Grant a Planning Permit to Hamton JV for a mixed use development comprising of a 3-4 level podium with three separate buildings above, rising up to 11 storeys on Victoria Street.

Under the plans approved by Council, there would be two restaurants, a café, office suites, medical centre, and convenience shop. A new cyclist and pedestrian pathway from Victoria Street through to the Yarra River and the Capital City Trail will be created.

In making its decision, Council increased the originally proposed setbacks from the Yarra River and Victoria Street, and deleted plans for a wine bar at the top of the 11th storey due to concerns about noise impacting on residents across the river.

Here is a link to a 14 April 2010 media release about Council’s decision. Here is a link to the minutes of the 14 April Special Council Meeting, which includes a report and recommendations from Council’s Planning Officers.

Council received 1418 objections to the proposed development – 478 of which were from Yarra residents (34% of overall objections), 407 of which were from residents from the City of Boroondara (29%) and 533 from other areas of Melbourne and Australia (37%).

Here are some  pdf format images of the development.pdf (2.34MB) prepared by Flood Slicer Pty Ltd and supplied by Hamton JV.

In accordance with the orders of the Tribunal, here are links to evidence associated with the VCAT proceedings provided by those parties relying on evidence:


Hamton JV (Abbotsford) Pty Ltd (Applicant)

City of Boroondara

Christiana Colquhun

Yarra River Action Alliance Inc, and Protectors of Public Land Victoria Inc


Further information
Mary Osman
Manager - Statutory Planning
9205 5373


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