36-44 Doonside Street, Richmond

In September 2012, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) varied Council's decision to grant a permit for redevelopment of the site at 36-44 Doonside Street and 27-41 Appleton Street, Richmond.

The developer had appealed to VCAT against some of the conditions Council had placed on the permit.

In February 2012, Council had resolved to issue a permit for a development involving three residential buildings of six, nine and 12 storeys. In making this decision, Council reduced one of the buildings by two storeys and another building by one storey, compared with what had been proposed by the developer. For more information about the Council's decision, see the minutes from the the 29 February 2012 meeting of Council's Internal Development Approvals Committee. 

VCAT deleted the condition requiring that Building A be reduced by two levels. VCAT also did not agree that there be unfettered public access through a new mid-block link. Public access will only be allowed between the hours of 7am-10pm (during daylight savings times) and from 7am-7pm at all other times.


Council first received a development proposal for this site in 2010. Community feedback was sought on that proposal. The developer then make amendments to the original plans. It was the amended plans that were considered by Council's Internal Development Approvals Committee (IDAC) in February 2012.

Compared to the previous proposal, the amended proposal provided for:

  • A revised building design reflective of a change in project architects, with three primary buildings of eight, 10 and 12 storeys, over one basement level of car parking.
  • A total of 218 dwellings including 199 units and 19 townhouses (a reduction in unit numbers of 12).
  • Provision of five retail premises primarily orientated to a new pedestrian plaza connecting Doonside and Appleton Streets.
  • Provision of one bicycle parking space per dwelling.
  • A total of 245 car parking spaces including 22 visitor car parking spaces.

Planning application documents:


What the original application proposed

The original proposal involved:

  • Construction of 20 double storey townhouses (nine with roof decks) along the Appleton and David Street frontages
  • Construction of three residential buildings of 8, 10 and 12 storeys, over one basement level (the first two levels to Appleton and David Streets contain the townhouses)
  • Construction (and use) of a two storey office space (560sqm) which forms the first two levels to Doonside Street
  • A total of 20 townhouses, five home offices and 205 apartments, with a mix of one and two bedrooms
  • A reduction in the number of car parking spaces required for the associated uses.
  • Vehicle access to the basement level and part ground floor level for residential parking from David Street (190 car spaces in basement and 17 at ground floor)
  • Vehicle access to the ground floor visitor car parking from Appleton Street (26 spaces)
  • Vehicle access to first floor residential/office car parking from Doonside Street (31 spaces)
  • A total of 264 car parking spaces, with an allocation of one space per dwelling (including the townhouses, apartments and home offices); 26 visitor spaces; and eight spaces for the office component
  • A total of 80 resident bicycle parking spaces, plus 20 visitor bicycle parking spaces.

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