40kph Speed Limit

Traffic in Nicholson StreetAll local streets in Yarra have a 40kph speed limit, which is much safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

Studies have shown a pedestrian is four times more likely to be killed if struck by a car travelling at 50kph than at 40kph. Council believes that a safer environment encourages more people to walk and ride, and that is good for community health and for our environment.

Council progressively introduced the 40km/h speed limit as part of its local area traffic management program, which seeks to improve traffic conditions in specific precincts within Yarra.

At the end of each local traffic study, Council asked residents whether they had any objections to lowering the speed limit before writing to VicRoads to seek approval.

Council's Strategic Transport Statement includes advocacy for reduced road speeds, especially in areas of high pedestrian activity.   

The lower speed limit does not apply on major roads, except on those for which VicRoads has introduced a 40kph limit. The major roads in Yarra with a 40kph speed limit are:

  • Bridge Road, Richmond - Burnley St to Punt Rd (7am-midnight)
  • Brunswick Street, Fitzroy - Gertrude St to Alexandra Pde (all hours)
  • Church Street, Richmond - Yarra River to Highett St (all hours)
  • Gertrude Street, Fitzroy - Nicholson St to Smith St (all hours)
  • Johnston Street, Fitzroy & Abbotsford - Nicholson St to Nicholson St (7am-3am)
  • Smith Street, Fitzroy - Langridge St to Johnston St (all hours)
  • Swan Street, Richmond - Church St to Punt Rd (7am-midnight)
  • Victoria Street, Richmond - Church St to Hoddle Street (8am-7pm, Monday-Saturday)  

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Manager Engineering Services
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