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Here is some information on residential parking permits and how you can apply for them:


Most residential properties in Yarra are entitled to up to three on-street permits in total, which can include one visitor parking permit.

Please note, from 1 January 2015, residents who lease or buy a property in Yarra are entitled to up to two on-street parking permits in total, which can include one visitor parking permit.

Properties not eligible for any parking permits are those where:

  • Construction of a new dwelling commenced on or after 10 December 2003, and that construction increased the number of dwellings or the number of separate occupancies per site.
  • Construction of the development commenced before 10 Decemeber 2003 but the development was not occupied or lawfully available for occupation until after the 10 December 2003

Multi-unit developments built or occupied before 10 December 2003 have a reduced parking permit entitlement. This is based on the number of off-street spaces provided.

Council introduced these restrictions to encourage all new developments in Yarra to provide their own off-street parking in an effort to take some of the pressure off this limited resource. There are some exemptions to these restrictions. For more information on this, please call 9205 5255.


The following costs apply for residential parking permits and visitor parking permits.

1st permit  $36
2nd permit  $91
3rd permit  $171

Permit fees are refundable if a resident moves within the first six months of receiving the permit (calculated pro-rata).

Holders of a Health Care Card, Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card or Pensioner, War Widow and TPI concession cards receive their first permit free of charge. Second and third permits (if eligible) are charged at the first permit rate ($36.00).

*Only residents who have leased or owned a property prior to to 1 January 2015 are entitled to up to three parking permits in total, which can include one visitor parking permit.

Visitor Permits

Visitor permits are issued to residents only, and only one per household will be provided. They are for short-stay visitors. 

A visitor permit is only valid for use in the street specified on the permit and within two surrounding streets. The visitor permit must be clearly displayed in order for a vehicle to be exempt from normal parking restrictions.

A visitor permit costs the same as a normal residential permit. For example, if you purchase one residential permit and one visitor permit, you will be charged the same amount as if you had purchased two residential permits.

1st permit  $36
2nd permit  $91
3rd permit  $171

Temporary Permits

Temporary parking permits can be issued on request in extraordinary circumstances such as for someone housesitting for you while you are away. These permits are issued free of charge. Proof of residency will be required.

Temporary permits are issued for a period of one month. Each household is entitled to one temporary permit in a 12-month period. 

Transitional Permits

When you first move to the area, you can obtain a free transitional permit for two weeks, until you have proof of residency. Once you have that proof, you can apply for a residential parking permit.

How to apply for a permit

To apply for a parking permit, you need to read and complete this  pdf format Parking Permit Conditions - July 16 (275.79 KB) pdf format Parking Permit Application Form - July 2016 (247.60 KB)

You can then submit the form and your payment by:

Proof of residency and vehicle registration

All residential parking permits require proof of residency and current vehicle registration with the exption to visitor parking permits.

Examples of proof of residency are:

  • Copy of lease
  • Contract of sale
  • Rates notice (property and service address must be the same)
  • Utilities bill (e.g. gas, electricity, home phone) showing current residential address (property and service address must be the same)
  • Pension or Health Care Card

Examples of proof of registration:

  • Copy of vehicle registration certificate (in permit applicant's name)
  • Contract of sale for vehicle (must show vehicle is registered)
  • Statutory Declaration stating vehicle is registered in the applicant's name and the address for where the permit is being applied.

Where you can park

Residential parking permits in Yarra are allocated according to parking zones. Check the parking zones in your area:

pdf format Parking Zones Map (76.93 KB)

With a residential parking permit you can park in any area that is time restricted as 1P (one hour) or more.

Parking permit holders are not entitled to park in areas that are prohibited from parking (such as loading zones), in time restricted spaces marked under one hour, or in ticket machine and parking metered areas (unless specified). Parking permits do not entitle the holder to park in designated shopping strips.

Further information
9205 5555

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