Abandoned and towed vehicles

Towe Away ZoneIf you wish to report an abandoned vehicle or if your car has been towed, please find below some helpful information: 

Abandoned vehicles

If you believe there is an abandoned vehicle in your street, please arrange to have the vehicle inspected by contacting Council's Parking Services on 9205 5255.

In most circumstances, when vehicles are thought to be unregistered and abandoned, a warning notice is put on the vehicle prior to removal of the vehicle. However, if there is a risk to public safety, the vehicle may be removed immediately.

Unregistered or abandoned vehicles not collected within 30 days may be disposed of by Council.

All unregistered or abandoned vehicles are removed to:

A.A. Recycling
1904 Hume Highway


9357 0960

Hours of operation are:
8am – 4.30pm (Monday to Friday)

Collecting the vehicle and fees

If your vehicle is taken to A.A. Recycling, you will be required to pay a fee of $403 fee (including GST). Payments are accepted in cash or money order paid to A A. Recycling. Vehicles will be returned to the owner on proof of ownership.

Towed vehicles

Council has the authority to tow vehicles that are parked in clearway tow-away zones in Bridge Road and Hoddle Street.

VicRoads is responsible for towing vehicles that are parked in clearway tow-away zones in Victoria Street.

Vehicles in a tow-away zone are taken to:

Nationwide Towing
34 Cromwell St
134 869

Hours of operation are:
7am - 9pm (Monday-Friday)
8am - 1pm (Saturday)

Collecting the vehicle

The towed vehicle can be collected within seven days. Vehicles will be returned to the owner on proof of identification, e.g. driver's licence, and once payment of the towing fee has been made.

After seven days, these vehicles will be treated as unregistered and abandoned.

Impounding fee $403
Infringement notice $155

The impounding fee of $403 is payable directly to Nationwide Towing if the vehicle is collected within 24 hours. If the vehicle is collected after 48 hours, additional storage fees will be charged. Please note that a 2.5% surcharge applies to credit card payments.

The infringement notice fee of $155 is payable to Yarra City Council. Check instructions for paying for an infringement notice.  

Further information
Parking Services
9205 5255

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