Local Area Place Making Policy

Move With Us logoCouncil adopted its Local Area Traffic Management Policy in May 2014. The policy outlines Council’s process for conducting Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) studies, which aim to reduce traffic volume and speeds on local roads and provide a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians.

Here is our Local Area Place Making policy. 

The purpose of the policy is to:

  • ensure a consistent, fair and comprehensive approach to all aspects of Local Area Traffic Management process including investigation, consultation, design, implementation and monitoring
  • Demonstrate a commitment to reduce the adverse impacts of motor vehicles in the local street network and to improve road safety and residential amenity
  • Establish a framework to ensure the service to residents in investigating and installing traffic management treatments is streamlined and to ensure best use of Council’s limited funding and resources.

What is Local Area Place Making? 

LAPM focuses on planning and managing the physical road space. It assesses and improves conditions on streets where traffic impacts upon the safety and residential amenity of the neighbourhood.

Improvements implemented as part of a LAPM study can include physical treatments such as road cushions, raised intersections or road closures, and enforcement and education measures.

LAPM is an area-wide approach that considers traffic problems and possible solutions in the context of a local precinct instead of isolated streets. It calls upon the knowledge and experience of the local community to identify problems and suggest solutions and to participate in developing a traffic management plan for the area.

There are 21 LAPM precincts in Yarra. Council’s budget allocates approximately $200k per year for traffic management projects. 


Further information
Richard Young
Manager Traffic & Special Projects
9205 5712

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