LATMS 9 Fitzroy

In early 2015, Council undertook a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) study in the area bounded by Alexandra Parade, Smith Street, Johnston Street and Nicholson Street in Fitzroy. This area is referred to as LATM 9, Rose Precinct.

The study aimed to address traffic issues in local streets, including traffic speed and volume, through-traffic, safety at intersections, pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Council endorsed a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for the area at its meeting on 7 July 2015 that addressed traffic issues raised by residents and identified by traffic surveys.

The TMP includes road humps, a shared zone, traffic islands, bicycle ‘sharrows’, one-way streets, pedestrian cross-walks and left in/left out only treatments. View the plan here:

pdf format LATMS 9 - Endorsed Traffic Management Plan (999.33 KB)

The plan was developed as part of an extensive consultation process with the community, which included a series of surveys and a public meeting.

A Traffic Study Group comprising community representatives, Ward Councillors, Council officers and consultants from Traffix Group was also established to help develop the plan.

The plan is expected to cost $576,000 to implement over three years. Funding is subject to the Council’s Capital Works Program budget process.

Further information
Richard Young
Manager Traffic & Special Projects
9205 5712

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