Road Management Plan

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In September 2013 Council adopted the Amended Road Management Plan (RMP) and Register of Public Roads.

The purpose of the RMP is to document the standards and priorities for inspection, maintenance and repairs of the road network.

The plan outlines Council’s responsibilities to ensure that roads and footpath are safe. The RMP includes:

  • The management system put in place by Council to inspect, maintain and repair the public roads for which it is responsible.
  • A description of those assets on public roads for which Council is responsible.
  • The standard, or target condition, at which those assets will be maintained by Council.

The amendments to the Road Management Plan include:

  • Establishment of a hierarchy for roads and footpaths to inform response times and effective maintenance and repair practices.
  • Updating to the road register.
  • Inclusion of a ‘Force Majeure’ clause to align with best industry practice in the event of a natural disaster.

The plan is reviewed every four years, following the election of a new Council  with the next review due in 2017.

Download a copy of the Road Management Plan and Register of Roads below:

pdf format Road Management Plan September 2013 (992.90 KB)

docx format Road Management Plan September 2013 (1,009.94 KB)

pdf format Register of Public Roads 30 March 2015 (1.70 MB)


pdf format Road Management Plan - At a Glance (104.77 KB)

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