A permit is required if you need to place a container (including portable storage containers) on a Council managed roadway.  

The application form below must be filled out and submitted with a:

  • Certificate of Currency of your public liability insurance
  • Hand sketch or site plan of the proposed location or placement of the container on the road, noting the width of the container, road way and all on council assets e.g. trees, poles, parking signs, and on street parking arrangements.

pdf format Shipping Container Permit Application (104.62 KB)
docx format Shipping Container Permit Application (48.51 KB)

If your application concerns the loading and unloading goods from the container you may also be required to submit a Traffic (including pedestrian) Management Plan for this activity.  
The Traffic Management Plan must be prepared by a qualified person, as required by the Road Management Act 2004 and Road Safety Act 1986 (A list of recommended suppliers is attached, or look up traffic management in the Yellow Pages).

The plan must include the details of how you propose to place, erect, dismantle and/or undertake the proposed works. 
All works are to be clearly delineated and signed in accordance with the relevant Acts, Regulations, Australian Standards, and Codes of Practice.

Costs to 30 Jun 2016:

$122.00 per day for containers up to six metres in length (up to 20 feet).
$243.00 per day for containers between 6 – 12 metres in length (20-40 feet).

Further information
Construction Management Branch
9205 5585

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