Permits for street parties

Dancing in the street at the Fitzroy Town Hall re-openingCouncil permits the temporary closure of local roads for residential street parties and commercial events.

There are a number of conditions you will need to meet before Council will issue a permit.
Often Council approval alone is not sufficient, and other agencies such as the Victoria Police will need to be informed and give clearance for the event to go ahead.

An event is categorised as a residential street party if people living in the immediate area approve it and are free to attend it.

An event may be categorised as commercial if you are doing any of the following:

  • Selling tickets or issuing exclusive invitations
  • Selling food or drinks
  • Using the event to raise money
  • Staging music or performances.

If you are planning to hold a residential street party that requires a full or partial road closure, click here to find out more about what you need to do.

If you are seeking to fully or partially close a road for a commercial event (such as where tickets are sold, food vans operate), click here to learn more about the conditions you need to meet.  

If you are seeking to hold an event such as a fun run, walk-a-thon, marathon or bike ride will probably involve the closure of more than one public road or street and may require input from another agencies. Click here for more information about what you need for those kind of events. 

Further information
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