Road and footpath consent

Workers dig hole in a roadIf you need to carry out works in the road, including working on or connecting new services such as water, underground power supply or stormwater, you will need a permit from Council. This applies to access to any Council managed land.

Before applying

You may need other approvals before even applying for the Road / Footpath Opening Permit, depending on the purpose of the road opening.

If your permit application concerns:

  • Storm water drainage:
    Council and the relevant building surveyor must determine and approve storm water drainage for building and development sites. 
    Apply for the legal point of discharge from Council’s Building Services Unit prior to obtaining the permit. 

  • Electrical supply (underground), water or sewage mains or any other underground services:
    Submit detailed construction or civil plans to Council's governance engineer within the Engineering Services Unit.
    Council’s governance engineer will respond in writing and supply a ‘consent’ or ‘works approval’ letter (pursuant to section 63 of the Road Management Act) which will be subject to terms and conditions.

  • For all other underground service connection:
    If your permit application concerns the repair of a service, e.g. a burst fire or water service, or a connection to an existing service, simply complete the application form noting the type of works in the description.

  • Dial Before You Dig:
    To locate the presence of existing services, contact DBYD

Application form

docx format Works Within Road Reserve Non Utility Form - updated 13th June 13 (63.07 KB)

How to apply

Complete the attached application form and compile the documents listed on the checklist.


  • The complete application package must be supplied at least 10 working days prior to the road / footpath opening permit being issued
  • Valid certificate for your contractor’s public liability insurance. Note that the insurance schedule and the tax invoice are not acceptable
  • Ensure that you follow the checklist and include copies of any report and consents, engineer services approval letters, relevant licences/permits i.e. "Power or Tram line "No-Go-Zones" details of how the works will be undertaken, estimated duration, works times, site contact details etc. 
  • Site plans need to be drawn to appropriate standards, so may require professional expertise. See detail on the application form checklist. The plan should show the locations of all plant and equipment required on Council assets i.e. footpath, nature-strip and or roadway. 
  • Traffic management plan prepared by a qualified person, as required by the Road Management Act 2004 and Road Safety Act 1986. 
    (A list of recommended suppliers is attached, or look up traffic management in the Yellow Pages).
    The plan must include the details of how you propose to place, erect, dismantle and/or undertake the proposed works. 
    All works are to be clearly delineated and signed in accordance with the relevant Acts, Regulations, Australian Standards, and Codes of Practice.

For more information on traffic management, see: 

pdf format Why is Traffic Management Important (58.92kB)

Courtesy Letter

If your works require a full road closure, you must provide a courtesy letter to everyone affected by the works.
This must be done a full week before the works start.
Attach a copy of your proposed letter.

It must include at least:

  • The length of time the disruption will take place
  • A locality plan of the closure area on the reverse of the letter
  • The name and phone number of a contact person on site and during the works, and
  • Council's Construction Management Branch phone number (9205 5585), as a contact point for any objections

docx format Courtesy Letter for Road Closure (18.06kB)

What happens after the work is done?

Applicants are responsible for backfilling all openings made to roads and footpaths.

pdf format Back filling requirements (17.49 KB)


Permits are generally issued within 10 working days. However, traffic management plan approval can take up to 20 working days.


Contact Council's Construction Management Branch on 9205 5585 for more information on costs as the fee charged depends on the area excavated and depth of the pavement.

  • Permit: From $81.60
  • Inspection: $135 (per inspection Mon – Fri 7am – 6pm), $410 for weekend inspections
  • Reinstatement fees: Depend on the type and size of surface, with a minimum charge of $275. Additional fees will be charged where details of all opening are not provided and or different on site from what advised in your application. 


By mail: Yarra City Council, Construction Management Branch, PO Box 168, Richmond, VIC 3121

In person: Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm
Richmond Town Hall
333 Bridge Road

By fax:
8417 6666

By email:   

Further information
Construction Management Branch
9205 5585

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