Right of way

Residents in Yarra sometimes have unused laneways (rights of way) at the side or back of their properties.

Originally used as access for horses and carriages or ‘night soil carts’, these rights of way are often unused today.

How to purchase

Council has the authority under the Local Government Act 1989 to discontinue a road (right of way) where Council forms the opinion that the right of way is “no longer reasonably required for public use”.

Applicants interested in purchasing a right of way should contact Council's Valuations Co-ordinator to discuss their application. The circumstances of each application vary and as such there are no set procedures. However, Council must follow the general processes set out in the Local Government Act.


Applications involve a rigorous consultation process within Council departments, various authorities, utilities, and more importantly all affected parties and adjoining owners. Generally an application can take up to 3 to 8 months to complete.


Applicants must pay all legal costs together with the market value of the land.



Further information
Bill Graham
Valuations Unit
9205 5270

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