Highway collections

Organisations wishing to collect money on roads or streets (officially known as Highway Collections) are required to obtain permission from Council.

Please note that a permit for Highway Collections must also be obtained from Victoria Police.

Council will normally give approval for one collection per year per organisation.


You should apply in writing to Council. Make sure to include in your application:

  • Name and full details of organisation
  • Purpose of collection
  • Proposed date, time and location
  • Confirmation that intersection collections will be conducted in accordance with Road Safety (Road Rules) Regulations 1999. (A Police permit is required)
  • Details of public liability and indemnity of Council in case of a claim or civil action (contact the Systems and Business Support Unit on 9205 5166 for specific requirements).

Victoria Police - Permit to Collect on a Public Road

Applications to the Victoria Police must include a copy of Council's approval.

Check the Victoria Police website for details and an application form for a Permit to Collect on a Public Road.

The Victoria Police require applications to be submitted one month before the proposed date of collection.


It is recommended that applications to Council be made at least 6 weeks prior to the event.


There is no cost for a Highway Collection Permit issued by Council.   


Further information
Compliance Branch
9205 5166


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