Vehicle access

Car parked outside a Neighbourhood HouseIf you require vehicle access into a property, you will need to contact Council to obtain a permit for vehicle crossing.

Applying for vehicle access into a property can be a complex process. Vehicle access such as driveways cross the nature strip, footpath and kerb which are valuable community assets and your application will require a site inspection by a Council officer.

Please read the requirements below carefully and be sure to provide all the information requested.

If you need further help with your application, contact Council's Construction Management Branch on 9205 5585.

Apply for a Vehicle Crossing Permit

1. Download the application form:

pdf format Vehicle-Crossing-Permanent Application Form 2014 (328.74 KB)
docx format Vehicle-Crossing-Permanent Application Form 2014 (907.82 KB)

docx format Application Temporary Vehicle Crossing (56.02 KB)
pdf format Application Temporary Vehicle Crossing (246.81 KB)

pdf format Bluestone Vehicle Crossing (102.61 KB)
pdf format Typical Footpath Details (54.15 KB)
pdf format Standard Concrete Vehicle Crossing (70.29 KB)
pdf format Vehicle Crossing - Essential Required Levels (84.31 KB)

2. Complete all required details on the form and submit the application with copies of the required plans as requested.

3. A council officer will then undertake an assessment of your proposal. This will include an on-site visit. At this stage council may seek further information from you. The council officer may also recommend or refer the application to other council business units for their input.

4. Once the assessment has been completed, Council will contact you to notify you of the decision.

Permit applications in heritage overlays

Permit applications in heritage overlays will require planning approval.

Further information on heritage overlays, contact Statutory Planning on9205 5373.

Permit applications requesting removal of Council tree

Permit applications that request removal or replacement of a Council tree will be assessed on the tree’s condition, suitability, landscape value and significance.

Council will assess the tree to determine its value. The cost of replacement, removal and an amenity charge will be payable by the applicant.

For further information on tree assessment, contact Council's arborist Michael Rogers on 9205 5727.

What happens next

If your application is successful, you will then be required to collect, in person from Richmond Town Hall, your permit to construct a vehicle crossing.

Richmond Town Hall, 333 Bridge Road, Richmond
Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm

The permit is not valid until it is receipted so you will be required to pay the permit fee on the same day that you collect it. For costs and fees, contact Council's Construction Management Branch on 9205 5585.

Once the permit has been issued the inspection process will commence. It is a condition of the permit that you make arrangements for the council officer to inspect the vehicle crossing during the various stages of its construction, i.e. excavation, boxing and pouring.

Public Liability Insurance

Once your permit has been approved or granted, you will need to supply a copy of your Contractor’s Public Liability Insurance.

Traffic management plan

Once your permit has been approved or granted, you will need to supply a copy of your Traffic Management Plan.

In accordance with the Road Management Act 2004 and Road Safety Act 1986, you must have in effect and submit a traffic management plan for approval. The plan must be prepared by a suitably trained and qualified person. The plan must include the details of how you propose to place, erect, dismantle and/or undertake the proposed works. All works on the road are to be clearly delineated and signed in accordance with the relevant Acts, Regulations, Australian Standards, and Codes of Practice.

For more information on traffic management, download:

 pdf format Why is Traffic Management Important (58.92kB)


Generally permits are processed within 10 working days. However, traffic management plans and consents may take up 20 working days.


Contact Council's Construction Management Branch on 9205 5585 for costs and fees associated with your application.


In person:
Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm
Richmond Town Hall
333 Bridge Road

By mail:
Yarra City Council
Construction Management Branch
PO Box 168
Richmond VIC 3121

By fax:
8417 6666

By email:

Further information
Construction Management Branch
9205 5585

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