Parking fines

Parking fines or infringements are issued to owners of vehicles that do not adhere to parking restrictions. These restrictions are put in place and enforced to help facilitate traffic flow, to protect residential parking and to ensure a good turn-over of vehicles in busy retail areas.

Council’s parking officers, often at the request of residents and community groups, also enforce parking restrictions for safety reasons. This can include unblocking driveways and clearways and protecting emergency hospital spaces and school crossings.
When a vehicle has illegally overstayed a parking restriction, a fine or infringement will be issued. Motorists have 28 days to pay the fine. The fine outlines various ways to make the payment, including assistance for those with special circumstances and payment plan options.

Failure to pay an infringement notice or to contact Council within 28 days may result in further action being taken. This may include additional costs, enforcement or legal action.

Parking Tickets or Infringement Notices

Parking tickets are officially called Infringement Notices. The way they are enforced is regulated by State law and is the same for all councils.

A parking ticket can be handed to you, left on your car's windscreen or be sent to you in the mail.

Payment Options

You can pay for an infringement notice by:

  • Payments Online
  • Telephone 1300 792 772
  • Mail - please make the cheque payable to Yarra City Council, PO Box 168, Richmond, 3121
  • In person at Council Offices: 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Appealing a parking fine 

If you wish to appeal a parking fine, here is further information

Further information
Council's Parking Services Team
9205 5255

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