Parking vision, goals and principles

Traffic in Johnston StreetIn September 2010, Council endorsed the below vision, goals and principles for managing parking in Yarra.

The vision, goals and principles have been used to form a strategy for managing parking in Yarra. This vision was reaffirmed and continues to underpin the Parking Management Strategy 2013-2015 (adopted in November 2013).

Vision for managing parking

Parking is managed by Council to promote sustainable transport solutions and to optimise residents' access to homes. Council will also seek to accommodate the parking needs of visitors, businesses and community facilities in a manner that is open and clear.

Goals of the strategy to manage parking

The overall goals of the Yarra City Council Parking Strategy are to:

  • Reduce the number of cars needing to park in residential streets.
  • Enable a reduction in the road pavement space used for parking where a community benefit can be achieved, particularly where pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and people waiting for public transport will benefit.
  • Plan and manage transport and urban development to minimise the need for people to have to drive cars so that the demand for parking is contained and managed effectively.

Principles of managing parking

The following principles are key drivers for the management of parking systems in the City of Yarra.

1. There are only four ways to legally park in Yarra:

  • permit parking
  • time-restricted parking
  • paid parking
  • off-street parking.

2. Encourage residents and all other property occupiers who have access to off-street parking to maximise its use and give priority to households with no or limited access to off-street parking when allocating available on-street parking in residential streets.

3. Ensure that parking solutions accommodate people with disabilities so that they can participate in day-to-day activities across the city.

4. Ensure a safe and accessible street environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

5. Support the non-residential sector by facilitating access to car parking without negative impacts on residents.

6. Ensure sufficient turnover of carparking spaces in business areas.

7. Ensure that new developments are self-sufficient in meeting their parking needs - with the exception of encouraging reduced parking or no car parking developments for sites very close to public transport stops.

8. Ensure the adequate provision of bicycle and motorcycle parking.

9. Encourage walking, cycling and public transport usage for mobility and movement across the city.

10. Require visitors to the City of Yarra to contribute to the cost of providing and maintaining the parking infrastructure they use by paying for parking.

11. Ensure restrictions, signage and road marking associated with parking is clear and unambiguous.

12. Ensure consultation on proposed parking changes.

13. Manage parking systems so that enforcement is effective and creates the required turnover of car spaces where restrictions apply.

14. Support and encourage households to use share car schemes.

15. No new off street car parks will be built unless there is a justifiable business case for the Council and it is consistent with Council Plan and adopted strategies.

16. For community benefit purposes, Council will (where necessary) consider incorporating off street car parking when developing community resources and facilities.



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