Parking guidelines

Cars parked in Brunswick Street, FitzroyWhen allocating on-street parking spaces Council follows guidelines to make sure that decisions are fair and consistent. The guidelines help clarify how Council decides what parking restrictions to use in different streets where parking is popular.

The guidelines recommend the order to be followed when allocating parking spaces. For example, in a shopping strip, Council first allocates disabled parking spaces, then public transport stops and then assigns the remaining bulk of spaces as time-restricted parking for shoppers.

Council makes hundreds of decisions about on-street parking every year and the vast majority of them satisfy the community’s needs. But parking is a limited resource and there is increasing demand for car spaces from residents, business operators and visitors.

These guidelines will help us find the best compromises and share equitably what is becoming a scarcer resource.

docx format Parking Hierarchy Attachment 11-12-2012.docx (28.99 KB)


Further information:

Grant Kelly 
Coordinator, Parking Services
9205 5250

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