Introducing or changing parking restrictions in your street

Residential street with car parksParking restrictions exist to facilitate traffic flow, protect residential parking, and assist businesses with customer turnover.

Residents often ask Council to consider introducing parking restrictions into their street. Council also gets requests from residents to change existing restrictions in local streets.  

Council has a clear policy to guide how these requests are handled. 
Here is the policy document: docx format How Parking is Managed at Yarra 12 2012.docx (46.88 KB).

The process is also outlined below:


First steps

The first step in requesting changes to parking conditions in your street (including introducing restrictions for the first time) is to contact Council’s Parking Management Officers by calling 9205 5422 or send your request via email to

They will require details of the parking issue in your street. Where is the problem occurring? How often? Are there any past issues or likely causes?

A Parking Management Officer will then visit the site to establish physical characteristics, take measurements and record relevant information.


Area-wide parking studies

Where there are known deficiencies with parking on an area-wide scale, Council will take a lead role and consult on a local area-wide basis for the planning of proposed changes. Here is more information on Area-wide parking studies.


Street Coordinator process

In the case of smaller streets, officers will provide the resident / business with a Street Coordinator Kit which includes the pdf format Advisory Notes for Street Coordinators (370.20 KB) and ask them to complete a PDF format Street Coordinator Survey (132.19 KB) to determine the level of support for the change from other residents in the street.

The Coordinator assumes responsibility to contact as many as possible of the occupants of properties that abut the section of the street where the changes to local parking controls are proposed. These occupants will be surveyed by the Coordinator to determine the level of support for parking restrictions.

The Street Coordinator must contact as many people as possible to indicate whether or not there is significant support for the proposed changes.

He/She may not be aware of whether an occupant is eligible or not for a parking permit. Please click here for parking permit conditions, costs and eligibility. This will help residents/business make an informed decision. 

Once the Street Coordinator has completed the surveys, he/she will then return the completed surveys to a Parking Management Officer who will review them with the Internal Parking Committee (IPARC). The Parking Management Officers will only consider one response from each property, and responses will only be considered if they are from properties eligible for parking permits.

If there is significant support for the introduction/change of parking restrictions, Parking Management Officers will then send a follow-up letter advising of the outcome of the survey process, whether restrictions will be introduced and, if so, what type of restrictions.

This follow-up letter will be sent to all residents, regardless of their eligibility for a parking permit.


Council-run surveys

Where there is a long street with a significant number of residential properties, or the applicant cannot (for health or mobility reasons) conduct a survey of local residents, Council will take a lead role and consult to determine the level of support for parking restrictions.

In these situations, Council will write to each rateable property that is eligible to apply for parking permits. In streets where restrictions don’t currently apply, the letter from Council will also give residents the opportunity to provide feedback on their preferred time restriction (e.g. 1P, 2P, 4P) and the days of operation.

Residents who are not eligible for on-street parking permits will receive a letter advising them of the proposal and, once determined, a follow-up letter advising them of the outcome of the consultation.  

Council will consider one response from each eligible rateable property and will only proceed with the proposal if there is significant support.



Further information
Parking Management Unit
9205 5422 

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