Area-wide parking studies

Traffic in Brunswick StreetArea-wide parking studies are one of the ways that council reviews parking restrictions to ensure they are meeting community needs and changing traffic conditions.

These studies are based on extensive neighbourhood consultation. Council officers use them to assess parking needs and issues across one large area. This ensures that any proposed parking restrictions or changes to restrictions will benefit residents and businesses and facilitate traffic flow.

Area-wide parking studies are guided by Council’s Guidelines for the Allocation of On-street Parking. The guideline states that residents and businesses are Yarra’s priority parking users. Find out more about Council's parking guidelines.

A separate process is used for changing parking conditions in individual streets. Here is more information on introducing or changing restrictions in your street.

Undertaking a parking study

An area-wide parking study usually takes four to six months to complete and involves the following steps:

  • Informing residents and businesses of Council’s intention to review parking in that designated area.
  • Inviting those residents and businesses to voice their parking concerns and issues.
  • Undertaking a parking survey of the area.
  • Reviewing results and community input.
  • Providing feedback and options to residents and businesses.
  • Amending the proposed parking plan accordingly.
  • Providing further feedback to residents and inviting final submissions.
  • Making final changes to the proposed parking plan.
  • Notifying residents and businesses of the final parking plan for that area.
  • Implementing changes and ongoing monitoring.

Where streets within the area wide parking study area have no restrictions, Council will write to each resident that is eligible for on-street parking permits, seeking feedback on the proposed parking restrictions. Residents who are not eligible for on-street parking permits will be informed of the consultation and its outcome.

More information about the process is outlined in Council's doc format How parking is managed in Yarra (73.50 KB) policy document.

Further information
Grant Kelly 
Coordinator, Parking Services
9205 5250

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