Wellington Street Copenhagen bicycle lanes

Yarra Council is planning to construct new separated bicycle lanes on Wellington Street, Collingwood between Gipps Street and Victoria Parade.

The lanes, often referred to as Copenhagen lanes, improve safety for cyclists by separating bicycles from road traffic. 

Construction of the new lanes is expected to start in early 2015 and will take about 12 weeks to complete.

The project is identified as a priority in the Yarra Bicycle Strategy 2010 – 2015.

Copenhagen design  

The lanes will be separated from traffic using raised concrete islands on both sides on Wellington Street, as well as a lane of parked cars on the east side.

This will result in nine parking spaces being removed from the east side of Wellington Street and 48 parking spaces being removed from the west side.

The lanes will look very similar to the Copenhagen lanes on La Trobe Street in the City of Melbourne (images below).


A cross section of the Wellington Street design appears below:


Detailed plans for the Wellington Street design appear in the document below:
pdf format Wellington Street Copenhagen bicycle lanes - detailed designs (963.56 KB)

 For more information about the project, visit the Copenhagen bicycle lanes on Wellington Street FAQs page.

Further information
Alistair McDonald
Bicycle Strategy Project Manager
9205 5737

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