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Yarra scores well above state-wide average in Local Government Victoria survey

12 September 2013

Yarra Council has scored above the state-wide average and either above or on par with the Inner Melbourne Metropolitan Councils (IMMC) in the 2013 Local Government Victoria Community Satisfaction Survey.

Yarra scored:

  • 66 for overall performance - on par with the IMMC (66) and well above the state wide score (60).
  • 75 for customer service – above the IMMC (73) and state-wide (71)
  • 63 for community consultation - above the IMMC (58) and state-wide (57)
  • 59 for advocacy – above the IMMC (56) and state-wide (55)
  • 54 for overall Council direction -  above state-wide (53) and just under the IMMC (55)

On service delivery, Council’s performance was highest in relation to recreational facilities, waste management and the appearance of public areas.

When asked in the survey to describe the best thing about Yarra Council, residents were very forthcoming in their responses, with top mentions including parks and gardens and recreational/sporting facilities.

The survey also highlighted areas that are under significant pressure as a result of escalated growth and development across Yarra, for example parking facilities, planning for population growth in the area, Council’s general town planning policy, and traffic management.

Mayor Jackie Fristacky said Yarra’s 2013 results, although slightly down on last year’s scores, were pleasing because they are still well above the state-wide and IMMC averages in most service areas.

“The results reassure residents that Yarra balances delivery of the traditional roads, rates and rubbish with other important programs including recreation facilities, libraries, community consultation, advocacy and customer service,” she said.

“There is always an ongoing role to improve services to meet changing needs and demands; however, the results show majority satisfaction for Council’s operations.”

Responding to an article in today’s Herald Sun, Cr Fristacky said it was disappointing there had been a suggestion that Yarra’s advocacy on behalf of its residents on important issues meant it was not focusing on its core responsibilities. 

“Yarra’s results – and the fact that our overall performance and customer service are very strong when compared to the rest of the state – speak for themselves,” she said.

“They show we can deliver our core services and stand up for the rights of our community on issues of critical importance to them.

“Advocacy for the community on key issues such as tackling road congestion – one of the biggest problems for the health, safety and amenity of our residents - is consistent with our core focus on roads as well as our statutory requirements for municipal health and wellbeing planning.”

Cr Fristacky emphasised that Local Government’s advocacy role for communities was enshrined in the Local Government Act and residents expected their local Councils to represent them on their aspirations for a healthy and liveable municipality. 

The DPCD survey interviewed 400 people via telephone last February/March with 90% via landline and 10% mobile. The results are fairly inflexible as there is no ability to understand why they vary year to year or no scope to ask questions outside the set list.

Council’s results are converted into an index score (on a 0 – 100 scale). ‘Very good’ is equivalent to a score of 100, ‘good’ as 75, ‘average’ as 50, ‘poor’ as 25, and ‘very poor’ as 0.

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