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The push for lower heights on Channel 9 site continues

29 March 2012

Channel 9, RichmondYarra Council is still hopeful that Lend Lease will reduce the maximum height of its development on the Channel 9 site despite the Planning Minister reportedly approving plans for a taller development.

Yarra Mayor Cr Geoff Barbour said Council was still in talks with Lend Lease to reduce the maximum height of the Richmond residential development from eight to six storeys.

Cr Barbour said Council had asked the Minister to approve an amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme to facilitate the development. The amendment which Council had asked the Minister to approve provided for a maximum six storey height. According to an article in today’s Herald Sun, the Minister has instead approved Lend Lease’s original proposal for an eight storey development.

Cr Barbour said however that Lend Lease had advised Council, as recently as this morning, that it intended to meet Council’s requirement that the development be reduced to six storeys.

“We are encouraged that Lend Lease appears willing to compromise, despite apparently being given lots of latitude by the Minister,” Cr Barbour said.

“Height has been one of the sticking points with this development as the community feels that eight storeys is just too high in a neighbourhood that is predominately low-rise,” he said.

Council gave conditional approval for the $400 million redevelopment last December. Council’s approval was subject to several conditions including that the height be reduced from eight to six storeys, that Moore Street be retained as a dead-end street and that 5% of the total number of dwellings be provided as affordable housing run by a registered housing association.

Council officers will continue their discussions with Lend Lease in a bid to bring the development in line with Council’s resolution.

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