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Council secures lower heights on Channel 9 site

10 May 2012

Channel 9, RichmondYarra Council is set to approve a revised development plan for Richmond’s Channel 9 site which delivers the lower heights sought by Council and local residents.

Yarra Mayor Cr Geoff Barbour said developer Lend Lease had submitted the revised plan to Council in mid-April.

Cr Barbour said Council had approved an overall development plan for the site last December on the condition that three changes were made to what was proposed.

He said all three conditions have been met in the revised development plan so Council officers, using their delegated powers, were expected to sign off on the plan in coming days, in accordance with Council’s December 2011 resolution.

Cr Barbour said Lend Lease’s decision to reduce the maximum height of the development from eight storeys to six storeys was heartening.

“Despite the Minister for Planning approving an amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme which would allow higher buildings, Lend Lease has decided to respect the wishes of the neighbourhood it is joining,” Cr Barbour said.

“The heights were one of the few sticking points we had with this development, as it will provide a generous amount of public open space and excellent community facilities,” he said.

Cr Barbour said the revised development plan also met Council’s conditions that Moore Street be retained as a dead-end street and that 5% of the total number of dwellings be provided as affordable housing run by a registered housing association.

He said the heights and setbacks of the townhouses around the perimeter of the site, which had been deemed acceptable by Council in the development plan previously submitted, will remain unchanged.

Towards the centre of the site, the apartment buildings that were previously eight storeys will be reduced to six storeys while six buildings that were previously four-five storeys will be increased to six storeys.

Some of these apartment buildings will be joined together whereas there had been gaps between the buildings in the development plan previously submitted.

No changes have been made to the amount of public open space that will be provided or to the 400m2 community centre that will be managed by Council.

Cr Barbour said the Council resolution from last December also called for Council officers and Lend Lease to have further discussions about 36 identified mature trees proposed to be removed from the site.

He said these discussions had been held, with Council officers accepting Lend Lease’s submission that it would be impractical for the trees to be retained. The trees’ roots are damaging existing infrastructure and could also damage future infrastructure and their presence would make it difficult to meet the requirements to decontaminate the site.  

“Nobody likes seeing mature trees removed but we are satisfied that this development will result in a major increase in the amount of vegetation on the site,” Cr Barbour said.

He said once the development plan had been approved, Lend Lease would then need to submit detailed planning permit applications to Council. Any permit granted would be required to be generally in accordance with the approved development plan.

For more information on this issue, visit the Channel 9 site, Richmond webpage.

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