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Community satisfaction, trust and confidence in Council increases

25 November 2015

Satisfaction with the overall performance of Yarra Council improved strongly in 2015, up 5.5% on the 2014 result, according to the results of a community satisfaction survey undertaken by an independent company.

This result is the highest Metropolis Research has recorded for the City of Yarra since it commenced the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2009.

Mayor Cr Roberto Colanzi welcomed the positive results which show that community trust and confidence in Council and its services are strong.

“These are great results and something for all Yarra to be proud of,” said Mayor Colanzi.

“At the same time, I want to assure the community that Council will not rest on its laurels and will continually strive to improve. These results have informed us on issues of importance to our community, preferred methods of contact with Council and areas in which Council could improve.

“These issues include car parking, building planning and development, traffic management and open space.

“A huge thank you to the 800+ residents across 10 local neighbourhoods in Yarra who gave their time and participated in this survey during September and October.”

Cr Colanzi said that, pleasingly, the results showed an improvement in satisfaction with Yarra’s governance and leadership (up 3.6%), environmental responsibilities (up 2.3%) and planning and housing development (up 10%).

Satisfaction with seven of the eight specific aspects of customer service were categorised as ‘excellent’ (up 5.0%) and community consultation and engagement was categorised as good (stable from last year).

Satisfaction with the other aspects of governance and leadership in 2015 increased for the following areas:

  • Responsiveness to local community needs
  • Maintaining community trust and confidence
  • Representation, lobbying and advocacy
  • Making decisions in interests of the community

Average satisfaction with the 27 Council services and facilities was 7.70 in 2015, up from last year and best categorised as ‘very good’.

Other services which rated very well included weekly garbage and recycling collections, local libraries, hard waste collections, Fitzroy Swimming Pool and Richmond and Collingwood leisure centres, pet registration service, arts and cultural activities,and provision and maintenance of parks, gardens and reserves.

Areas for improvement

The following were the top issues nominated by at least 5% of respondents for Council to address.







Car parking





Building, planning, housing and development





Traffic management





Parks, gardens and open space





Provision & maintenance of cycling / walking tracks





Drug, alcohol and cigarettes





Safety, policing and crime




Rationale and methodology

The Survey is designed to provide Council with a wide range of information covering community satisfaction, community sentiment and community feel and involvement.  It meets the requirements of the Local Government Performance Reporting by providing importance and satisfaction ratings for the major Council services and facilities as well as scores for satisfaction with Council overall.  

The Survey was conducted as a door-to-door interview style survey with 802 households selected randomly from across the municipality during the months of September and October 2015.

Table 1 from survey report: 2010-2015

Community satisfaction graph 2015

The overview report prepared by Metropolis Research is provided as an attachment below.

pdf format Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Report 2015 (990.87 KB)



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