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‘No through road to Clifton Hill’ sign to be reinstated

06 July 2016

The historic ‘No through Road to Clifton Hill’ sign will be returned to its home in Holden Street, Fitzroy North, following a resolution by Yarra Council.

Local residents believe the sign had been in place for more than 50 years when it ‘disappeared’ on 11 March this year.  It was later discovered that CitiPower had removed the sign and returned it to Council due to safety concerns as the sign’s support wires were suspended from their assets.

Mayor Roberto Colanzi said that the disappearance of the sign had sparked media, social media and local community interest.

“Holden Street residents contacted council, asking whether the sign could be reinstalled, and councillors have agreed to do so.

“The sign does require some restoration work on its lettering, a new steel frame for strength and replacement of the timber backing, which has deteriorated, with a metal backing that will eventually rust.

“The sign will not be refurbished to its original condition, and will continue to have an ‘ageing gracefully’ appearance.”

The ‘No through road to Clifton Hill’ sign should be back in place by the end of September. 

Further information:  Brooke Colbert, Communications & Media Unit Manager, on 9205 5122 or 0409 267 439.



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