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Proposed redevelopment of Channel 9 site to be examined by independent planning panel

24 May 2011

Channel 9, RichmondYarra Council will request that the Minister for Planning appoint a joint independent planning panel and advisory committee to consider more than 100 submissions about the proposed redevelopment of Richmond’s Channel 9 site.

Mayor Alison Clarke said the panel would report back to Council with recommendations, at which time Council would make a decision about whether to approve the proposal, with or without changes.

Vivas Lend Lease’s proposal for the site provides for up to 550 dwellings, with two to three level townhouses around the edge of the site and taller apartments of four to eight storeys towards the centre of the site.

Cr Clarke said Council would be advising the panel of the Design and Development Principles for the site, developed by Council in consultation with the local community in 2008, which recommend a maximum building height of five storeys.

She said Council had also removed a reference in the proposal documents to a maximum of eight storeys being provided for on the Bendigo Street site.

“The intention of stating in the documents that the maximum building height be eight storeys was to ensure that development did not go above this,” Cr Clarke said.

“However, it could also be interpreted as stating a preference for eight storeys,” she said.

“As Council is yet to make a decision about whether a redevelopment with buildings of up to eight storeys would be acceptable, we decided to remove any confusion by deleting the reference to a maximum of eight storeys.

“Instead, we will let the panel know from the outset that the principles for the site, developed in consultation with the local community only a few years ago, recommend a maximum height of five storeys.”

Cr Clarke said the panel would be expected to hold hearings, to which submitters would be invited, in coming months.

 “It is common with large redevelopment proposals like this one for an independent planning panel to be established to put the details of the proposal under a microscope,” she said.

Other elements of the proposed redevelopment include: a 400m2 community meeting space (which is proposed to be owned and operated by Council), at least 5% of the homes to be for affordable housing, and a commitment to meet a 5–star Green Star rating for the residential buildings.

Here is more information about the proposed redevelopment of the Channel 9 site, and the next steps in the process.

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