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Council objects on heritage grounds to redevelopment of Yorkshire Brewery site

09 November 2011

Former Yorkshire Brewery siteYarra Council will inform Heritage Victoria that it objects to a redevelopment proposal which would see a 17-storey building constructed near the iconic brew tower at the former Yorkshire Brewery in Collingwood.

At a Special Council meeting last night, Council resolved to tell Heritage Victoria it objects to SMA Projects’ proposal for the site on heritage grounds.

Mayor Alison Clarke said Council was concerned that the height, mass and design of proposed 17 and 14 storey buildings on the Robert Street site would detract from the heritage value of the 1850s brew tower.

Cr Clarke said Council also felt that a proposed external glass stairwell on the tower would impact on the building’s heritage significance.

“We’re pleased the developer is proposing to restore the site’s heritage buildings, which have deteriorated over the years,” Cr Clarke said.

“However, we believe that erecting these tall buildings will reduce everyone’s ability to appreciate the magnificent 150-year-old brew tower,” she said.

“As redevelopment occurs across Yarra, we have to protect buildings which have special meaning in our community.

“The brewery structures symbolise the first generation of industrial development in the Collingwood area, and are a reminder that Collingwood was noted for its breweries in the 19th century.

"The developer says that it is only possible to restore the heritage buildings and make a profit from the site by including new buildings that in Council’s opinion will dwarf the heritage buildings.

“However, Council is neither required nor equipped to consider the economic arguments around redevelopment. The developer knew what the site was, and its heritage status, before purchasing it last year".

"The developer has applied for a permit from Heritage Victoria for the redevelopment because the former Yorkshire Brewery site is on the Victorian Heritage Register.

For the proposal to proceed, the developer will also need a permit from Council. Council is seeking community feedback on the proposal, with comments due by 21 November. The heritage aspects of the proposal will be determined by Heritage Victoria. When Council comes to deciding on the permit application, it will consider matters such as the proposal’s design, height, parking provision and traffic impact.


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