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Community action can help the fight against tree vandalism

02 February 2011

Poisoned tree 2Yarra residents who witness acts of alleged tree vandalism are being asked to report the matter immediately to Council.

The call to report tree vandalism comes after Council officers identified poisoned trees in Fitzroy and Richmond that appear to have been attacked over the Christmas break.

Two mature trees on Napier Street in Fitzroy, near the intersection with Argyle Street, are now receiving extra watering in an effort to dilute poison suspected of being used on them.

Meanwhile, a Flowering Pear tree on Egan Street in Richmond is also being treated after a similar attack.

Council officers won’t know until next spring whether their efforts have been enough to save the mature trees.

Yarra Mayor Cr Alison Clarke said the destruction of trees in inner-city streets was a disgraceful act that needed to be stamped out.

“Natural vegetation and wildlife are scarce enough as it is in a place like Yarra and are highly valued for that reason,” she said.

“So for someone to set out to destroy those things is an extremely selfish act that deprives our community of what is rightfully theirs to enjoy and appreciate.

“We won’t hesitate in using the full extent of our own Local Laws and any other laws available to us to prosecute those involved with such acts of vandalism.

“To do that effectively we rely on information passed on to us by the community, so I would encourage anyone with that kind of knowledge to get in contact with us and let us know, anonymously or otherwise.”

Under Council’s Local Laws, a person caught poisoning or vandalising a tree can be ordered to appear before the Magistrates Court and fined a maximum of $2000.

For further information or to report an incident, please contact Michael Rogers, Coordinator – Arboriculture and Streetscapes, on 9205 5727 or

For media enquiries about this issue, please contact:
Toby Walker
Senior Communications Officer
9205 5120, 0408 954 769


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