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Edinburgh Gardens Raingarden - Project Update

11 February 2011

A rotunda in Edinburgh GardensConstruction of a raingarden at North Fitzroy’s Edinburgh Gardens is on track, with Council expected to consider tenders at its February meeting.

The pending decision on the tender comes just weeks after Council received positive advice from independent consultants that the expected below-surface contaminated soil found in patches around the site of the proposed raingarden could be managed during its construction.

Yarra Mayor Cr Alison Clarke said the raingarden would help ensure sustainable solutions to water quality and conservation could be delivered in Yarra sooner rather than later.

“With this raingarden, we aim to capture and filter polluted stormwater runoff before it can reach the Merri Creek and Yarra river,” Cr Clarke said.

“As well as helping us meet our 2020 stormwater quality targets, the raingarden would also help protect Edinburgh Gardens’ historic trees in times of drought as it would provide enough treated stormwater to irrigate 50% of the park.”

Cr Clarke said Council contractors recently tested soil at the proposed site (the disused Ladies Bowling Club site in the southern section of the park) to guide site management during construction.

Edinburgh Gardens’ former uses include a rail station and line, a tin can factory, a briquette store and a timber yard.

The tests confirmed expected contaminants typical across Yarra and inner city former-industrial sites, including evidence in some areas of mercury, lead, copper, chromium, arsenic, nickel and poly aromatic hydrocarbons (a by-product of burning fuel) to a depth of about one metre.

Council has been advised by technical consultants GHD that with a grass cover barrier the risk to users remains extremely low and contaminants have low or no leakage.

If the project goes ahead, the assessment confirmed the excavated contaminated soil could be re-buried and capped with clean soil.

 For more detailed information on the raingarden, a project update is available on Council’s website at

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