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Yarra Libraries Local History Collection Draft Development Policy

Yarra Libraries Local History Collection Draft Development Policy has been released for public consultation and can be downloaded here:
PDF format Local History Collection Development Policy 2016 (98.42 KB)

Please forward any comments by 28 February 2017 to:
Mia Mikin
Team Leader Digital and Community Learning
Yarra Libraries
Email: mia.mikin@yarracity.vic.gov.au 
Phone: 9426 5649
Mail:128 Moor Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065


The Yarra Libraries Annual Report 2015-16

Yarra Libraries has continued to connect with our community over the past year through the delivery of personalised services, vibrant collections and diverse programs. Click below to download our 2015-2016 Annual Report.
pdf format Yarra Libraries Annual Report 2016 Download (5.81 MB)    


The Yarra Libraries Learning Framework

The Yarra Libraries Learning Framework intends to guide development, inspire ideas and encourage the exploration of new services and programs that are beyond the traditional scope of Yarra Libraries’ existing services. The principles outlined in the document provide a foundation on which we can build strong partnerships with formal and informal learning providers and other community organisations.Council is committed to delivering a library model that promotes access, connection, learning and engagement, through developing spaces, realising value from technology, and creating responsive services and programs. Our strategic plan for 2013–2016, Building Community Discovery, outlines our aim to explore and create a dynamic model for learning and creativity that is specifically for the Yarra community.To focus and support these efforts, Yarra Libraries has developed a Learning Framework, which sets the scene for Yarra’s library services into the future. The framework will support development of a range of programs around the three literacies (reading, information and digital), and encourage strong partnerships with alternate community learning providers.pdf format Yarra Libraries Learning Framework 2015 (560.49 KB) Public consultation in the lead up to the Learning Framework lead to creation of a Yarra Libraries Learning Framework video





Yarra Libraries Plan 2013 – 2016 - Building Community Discovery

The Yarra Libraries Plan is a four-year strategic document that sets out key directions for Yarra's library service. Council adopted a new four year strategic document for the libraries service in December 2012. pdf format Yarra Libraries Strategic Plan 2013 – 2016 (Community Discovery) (4.33 MB) Between November 2011 and March 2012, Council sought community input to help it develop a new four-year plan. 
Almost 3000 responses were received from people keen to tell Council what they valued about existing library services and what they would like to see more of.
That feedback contributed to the development of a draft Yarra Libraries 2013-2016 Plan.In early August and September, Council sought further community feedback on the draft plan before endorsing the final plan in December 2012. 


What is the Yarra Libraries Plan?

The Strategic Plan sets out Council’s key directions for the library service over the next five years in response to community needs, our understanding of the challenges and opportunities that are ahead, and based on Council’s commitment to provide high quality and accessible services.Planning for the future could include strategies to purchase more computers and communication technology, to increase the number of audio books and DVDS, or to hold more in-library events aimed at children and young people.The City of Yarra is a diverse and changing community, and it is vital that our library service continues to grow and respond to the changing needs of residents. Yarra Libraries provides an opportunity for our residents to pursue their interests and learn new things. Libraries not only encourage reading, literacy, and lifelong learning, they also provide access to technology, community information, community meeting spaces, and a wide range of events and activities for residents of all ages and backgrounds.


History of the strategic plan

In April 2007, Yarra Libraries was established as a business unit of Council following the dissolution of the Yarra-Melbourne Regional Library Corporation.
The Yarra Libraries Strategic Plan 2008-2012 was adopted in 2009, providing strategic direction and an annual action plan for the new library service in alignment with Council’s strategic planning framework. Here is the former  pdf format Yarra Libraries 2008-2012 Strategic Plan (783.15kB)
Major policy developments during this plan have included the adoption of the Yarra Libraries Collection Development Policy and the Yarra Libraries Library Policy (see below), both keystone documents of public libraries. Consultation has been conducted on these documents and on the Yarra Libraries Opening Hours Review, the results of which provide a valuable reference for future planning of branch hours.

pdf format Yarra Libraries - Collection Development Policy 2015 (1.01 MB) 



Yarra Libraries Policy

Yarra Libraries has revised the interim Library Policy on the rights and responsibilities that inform membership and use of the library service.The policy covers admission and use of facilities, membership requirements, borrowing, conduct in the library and enforcement of the Library Policy.pdf format Library Policy 2016 (316.21 KB)docx format Library Policy 2016 (54.02 KB)  


Annual Survey of Victorian Public Libraries

Each year a survey of public libraries in Victoria is undertaken by the State Government, which includes information about service points, staffing, loans, circulation, collection size, information technology and financial data. These documents can be downloaded here.Figures relating to Yarra Libaries can be found on these reports:  

 Further information
Felicity Macchion
Acting Manager Library Services
9205 5389

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