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CatalogueOur online catalogue allows members to search for and reserve items. The catalogue peforms a number of functions, assisting our members to access our full range of library services at multiple locations.

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The Yarra Libraries catalogue provides the following functions for members:

  • Search the catalogue and catalogues of other Swift Consortium libraries, and place reservations on any of these items
  • View book covers, book summaries and book reviews
  • Scan bestseller lists and see which titles are available in your library
  • Place books, DVDs, CDs, magazines and other material on hold
  • View items you currently have on loan and renew them online.

*Please note: Our 'classic catalogue' has now been decommissioned and is no longer available for Yarra Libraries customers.
If you are using the 'new' catalogue for the first time and require assistance, you can call Yarra Libraries on 1300 695 427.

Further information
1300 695 427

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