Books about starting school

With the school year about to begin, here are some popular titles about starting school.

Starting school by Janet Ahlberg
Billy and the big new school by Catherine Anholt
Butterflies in my stomach and other school hazards by Serge Bloch (2 COPIES)
Jessica’s box by Peter Carnavas
I am too absolutely small for school: featuring Charlie and Lola by Lauren Child
Look, there’s a hippopotamus in the playground eating cake by Hazel Edwards
The first day of school by Toby Forward
Millie starts school by Jane Godwin
A big kiss for Alice by Sally Grindley
Miss Mingo and the first day of school by Jamie Harper
I don’t want to go to school by Christine Harris
Spot goes to school by Eric Hill
Little rabbit goes to school by Harry Horse
First day at school by Melanie Joyce 
Sea monster’s first day by Kate Messner
Enrico starts school by Charlotte Middleton
When an elephant comes to school by Jan Ormerod
Amelia Bedelia’s first day of school by Herman Parish 
Cornelius P. Mud, are you ready for school? By Barney Saltzberg
Just Jack by Jane Tanner
Mouse’s first day of school by Lauren Thompson
Edward’s first day at school by Rosemary Wells 
Timothy goes to school by Rosemary Wells 
First day by Margaret Wild

Sam’s first day by David Mills
Ngay dau Sam di hoc (Vietnamese)
A sen de di yi tian (Chinese)
Saam lyo maalintii ugu horraysay dugsiga (Somali)
Sam’ in ilk gunu (Spanish)
Sam’ in ilk gunu (Turkish)

Tom and Sofia start school by Henriette Barkow
Tangmu he Sufei shang xue le (Chinese)
Tūm wa-Sūfiyā yabda'ān al-madrasah (Arabic)
O Tom kai e Sofia pegainoyn sto scholeio (Greek) 
Toms und Sofias erster Schultag (German)
Tom và Sofia bẳt đẫu đi học (Vietnamese)


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