Heritage Street Names

Street name and location      

Origin of the street's name

Highett Street, Richmond (308 Highett Street)

Hon William Highett, MLC (1856-80)

Bennett Street, Richmond (s/e cnr Victoria & Bennett streets)

George Henry Bennett , Mayor of

Richmond 1886-7

Burnley Street, Richmond (cnr Buckingham & Burnley streets)

William Bust Burnley, Land owner , MLC

(185356), Richmond Councillor (1856)

Docker Street, Richmond (s/w cnr Gipps & Docker streets)

Rev Joseph Docker (1793-1865), Early

Land Owner

Doonside Street, Richmond (n/w cnr Burnley

& Doonside streets)

Birth Place of Dame Nellie Melba (1861)

Griffiths Street, Richmond (285 Highett Street)

Cr Joseph Griffiths, Mayor of Richmond


Stawell Street, Richmond (n/w cnr Swan &

Stawell streets)

Sir William Foster Stawell, Attorney

General 1851

Tudor Street, Richmond (No 63 Bridge Road

s/e cnr)

Frank Tudor MLA (1901-22), Leader of

Labor Party (1916-21)

Cremorne Street, Richmond (s/w cnr Swan &

Cremorne streets)

Cremorne Pleasure Gardens, 1852 -1862

Eureka Street, Richmond (s/e cnr Eureka &

Church streets)

Eureka Hotel

Hosie Street, Richmond (31 Hosie Street)

Cr James S Hosie, Mayor of Richmond


Henty Street, Richmond (s/w cnr Henty &

Cameron streets)

James Henty (1800-82), Early Land

Owner and Businessman

Bosisto Street, Richmond (11 Bosisto Street)

Joseph Bosisto, Mayor of Richmond

1865-66, Founder Bosistos Eucalyptus Oil

Appleton Street, Richmond (cnr s/e Appleton

& David streets)

Mary Burnley Appleton sister of William

Bust Burnley (1813-60)

Barkly Avenue, Richmond (cnr Barkly Avenue

& CityLink)

Sir Henry Barkly, Governor of Victoria


Bent Street, Richmond (s/e cnr Bent &

Cremorne streets)

Sir Thomas Bent (1838-1909), Premier &

Treasurer (1904-09)

Berry Street, Richmond (n/w cnr Berry &

Church streets)

Sir Graham Berry, Premier of Victoria


Blazey Street, Richmond (opp 43 River Street)

Charles Collard Blazey, Town Clerk RCC

1897 -1937

David Street, Richmond (44 Appleton St)

David Mitchell, Stonemason Mitchell

Cement/Lime, Father of Dame Nellie


Erin Street, Richmond (n/e cnr Erin & Hoddle


Land of the Eire (Ireland)

Gardner Street, Richmond (n/w cnr Gardner

St & Bridge Road)

Thomas Gardner, RCC Town Clerk 1866


Glasshouse Street, Richmond (85 Stawell Street)

Australian Glass Company, c1878

Gleadell Street, Richmond (cnr Highett &

Gleadell streets)

Cr William Gleadell, Mayor of Richmond


Harcourt Parade, Richmond (cnr Harcourt

Pde & CityLink)

James Thomas Harcourt, MLA for

Richmond 1868-74 , Harcourt Asylum,


Miller Street, Richmond (cnr Miller Street&

Rowena Parade)

Henry Miller , First Chairman of

Richmond, 1856-58

Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy (outside 37

Alexandra Parade)

Queen Alexandra, consort of King Edward

VII, 1901-1910

Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (s/w cnr Johnston & Brunswick streets)

Captain George Brunswick Smythe,

officerin-charge of the Port Phillip Police in


Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (n/w cnr Gertrude &

Gore streets)

Daughter of Captain Brunswick Smythe,

coowner with Benjamin Baxter of the land

subdivided in 1839

Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Collingwood (cnr

Johnston & Harmsworth streets)

James Johnston (1811-96), politician,

newspaper manager, winegrower

Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, North Fitzroy, North Carlton (n/e cnr Nicholson & Reid streets)

William Nicholson (1816-65), merchant

and politician, MCC Mayor (1856-57),

Premier of Victoria (1859-60)

Turner Street, Abbotsford (s/w cnr Trenerry & Turner streets)

James Hobson Turner, Councillor

(c1872), tanner and hat maker

(Dentons Hat Factory)

Wellington Street (Collingwood and Clifton

Hill) (n/e cnr Hotham & Wellington streets)

Duke of Wellington (1769-1852),

general, British Prime Minister

Arnold Street, Princes Hill (n/w cnr Arnold &

McPherson streets)

James Francis Arnold seaman,

prospector, corn salesman, real estate

agent, MCC councillor 1873-78

Amess Street, North Carlton (n/w cnr Fenwick & Amess streets)

Samuel M Amess, Scottish

stonemason, building contractor,

Councillor MCC, Mayor (1869-1870)

Canning Street, North Carlton (Park & Station

streets n/c w/w cnr)

Charles John Canning (1812-62),

British Viscount, Statesman

Curtain Street, North Carlton (s/w cnr

Drummond & Curtain streets)

John Curtain, Irish born hotelier and

distillery owner, MCC Councillor (1870-

1887), MLA for North Melbourne (1871-


Davis Street, North Carlton (251 Davis Street)

Peter Davis (1815-1879), estate agent,

MCC Councillor, Mayor (1856-1857)

Davis Street, North Carlton (251 Davis Street)

Peter Davis (1815-1879), estate agent,

MCC Councillor, Mayor (1856-1857)

Drummond Street, North Carlton (cnr Newry

& Drummond streets)

Thomas Drummond, prominent

Scottish engineer and statesman,

Under- Secretary for Ireland (1835-40)

Fenwick Street, North Carlton (s/w cnr

Fenwick & Canning streets)

Orlando Fenwick, British, soft goods

and grocery business, MCC Councillor,

Mayor (1871-72)

McIlwraith Street, North Carlton (No 1, n/w

cnr McIlwraith & McPherson streets)

McIlwraith Street, North Carlton (No 1, n/w

cnr McIlwraith & McPherson streets)

John McIlwraith, Scottish, plumber,

prospector, ship owner, MCC

Councillor, (1870 1882), Mayor (1873-


McPherson Street, North Carlton (cnr s/e

McPherson & Amess Sts – 60 Amess streets)

Thomas McPherson (1823-1888), iron

and steel merchant, MCC Councillor,

Mayor, (1870-71)

Paterson Street, Princes Hill (n/e cnr

Paterson & Arnold streets)

James Paterson (1826-1906) Scottish,

gold miner, cartage business, ship

owner, member of Harbour Trust, MCC

Councillor, Mayor (1876-77)

Smith Street, Collingwood (n/e cnr Easey &

Smith streets)

John Thomas Smith (1816-79),

publican, politician, Melbourne mayor

seven times (1855-64)

Flockhart Street (cnr Flockhart & Victoria streets)

Robert Flockhart, tannery owner and

Collingwood Councillor (1857-59)

Gipps Street (Abbotsford and Collingwood)

(n/e cnr Gipps & Islington streets)

Sir George Gipps (1791-1847),

Governor of NSW (1837-1846)

Hoddle Street, Collingwood (n/e cnr

Bloomburg & Hoddle streets)

Robert Hoddle (1794-1881), Victoria's

first Surveyor-General

Hodgkinson Street, Clifton Hill (n/w cnr 92

Hodgkinson streets)

Clement Hodgkinson (1818-1893),

surveyor and consulting engineer to

Collingwood Council

Langridge Street, Collingwood (n/e cnr

Cambridge & Langridge streets)

George David Langridge (1829-1891),

carpenter, estate agent, Councillor,


Marshall Place (Clifton Hill) (79 Spensley Street)

Walter, Laurie and Ttage Marshall, 3

generations of Collingwood Councillors

Mayfield Street (Abbotsford) (n/w cnr Mayfield & Murray streets)

Andrew and Georgiana McCrae's

house, built 1840s

McCutcheon Way, Collingwood (s/e cnr

MCutcheon Way & Campbell streets)

Andrew McCutcheon, architect,

minister, Councillor 1965-1982, MLA


Nicholson Street (Abbotsford) (n/w cnr Vere

& Nicholson streets)

Sir Charles Nicholson (1808-1903),

physician, local landowner, grazier

Noone Street (Clifton Hill) (n/w cnr Noone &

Gray streets)

John Noone, 1820-1893, Lands

Department lithographer, Councillor

Ramsden Street, Clifton Hill (n/w cnr

Ramsden St No 4)

Samuel Ramsden (1822-77), Clifton

Hill quarry owner, resident, Councillor

St Heliers Street, Abbotsford (end of road

outside farm)

Site of Edward Curr's house, built


Trenerry Crescent, Abbotsford (s/w cnr

Trenerry Crescent & Little Turner Street)

Edwin Trenerry, subdivider of Dights

Paddock (c1878)

Pigdon Street, North Carlton (s/e cnr Pigdon

& Station streets)

John Pigdon, British, Commissioner for

Sydney International Exhibition,

Melbourne Exhibition, MCC Councillor,

Mayor (1877)

Rathdowne Street, North Carlton (s/w cnr

Lee & Rathdowne streets)

Name of an Irish barony associated

with Dublin

Station Street, North Carlton (s/e cnr Pigdon

& Station streets)

Proximity to North Fitzroy Rail station

closed in 1948


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