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What should I do if I move house?

Let us know as soon as possible, so that we can update your records.


Contact us

You will need to show proof of your new address the next time you visit the library in person.



What should I do if I lose my card?

Report the loss at once by phone or in person. You are responsible for materials taken out with your card until the card is reported lost or stolen. A small fee of $3.60 is charged for a new card.



How does the library contact me about reservations and overdues?

Email – if an email address is supplied all notifications will be sent to your email.

SMS – if an email address is not supplied, but you have a mobile phone number an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone.

Phone – if an email address is not supplied, and you have not given us a mobile phone number, a telemessaging service will deliver a message to your home phone advising that there is something overdue or waiting for pickup. The service will not specify the item.

Mail – in cases where neither an email address nor mobile or home phone number is given, a notice will be sent in the mail. A mail message will also be sent if the phone message has not been delivered successfully.



How many items can I borrow?

Members can borrow up to 40 items out at any one time.


How long can I keep library materials?

  • CDs, DVDs, Books, magazines, CD ROMs and talking books can be borrowed for three weeks.



Where can I return library materials?

All materials may be returned to any branch of the Yarra Libraries. There are after-hour chutes at all our Yarra libraries for your convenience.



If my items are overdue, how much are the fines?

  • Items which are not returned or renewed by the due date will incur fines.
  • The charge for overdue items is 20 cents a day.
  • You can avoid fines by returning or renewing your items before the due date.
  • You can renew items that are already overdue (provided that they are not reserved by another borrower).
  • Please note that fines may have already accrued.
  • You are not able to borrow if you owe fines of more than $15.

How do I renew/make a renewal?

You can renew/make a renewal:

  • in person at any of our libraries by taking the items to the library desk
  • by telephone on 1300 695 427
  • via our Website catalogue eLibrary

If you are making a renewal by phone or via eLibrary, have your library card barcode number handy. For eLibrary, you will also need your PIN number.
Items may be renewed up to three times, provided that they are not reserved by another borrower. The due date is the last day on which you can renew your loans without incurring fines.


How do I reserve library materials?

  • Website catalogue eLibrary.
  • Ask for assistance at the library desk.
  • You may have up to 30 reservations on your card at any one time.
  • Reservations are free of charge at Yarra Libraries.


How do I find a book?

You will find all items by searching the catalogue. You can find out which library has the item, if it is on the shelf or on loan. You can use the catalogue to:

  • order items to be sent to your local library for pick up
  • review the status of items you have reserved
  • renew your books
  • see what you have borrowed from the library and when it is due.


Can I borrow materials from other library services (Inter-Library Loans)?

Staff at the library desk can help you locate books not held by Yarra Libraries. For more information, see inter-library loans.



What if the library does not have titles that I'd like?

We welcome suggestions for items that are not already in the collection. You may make your recommendation online.


Fees and charges


2015/2016 Price

Overdue Items

$0.20 per day

Damaged Books

Cost + $11.00

Damaged Magazines

Cost + $3.30

Lost Item

Cost + $11.00

Lost Card


Inter Library Loans



No Charge

Word Processing

No Charge

Internet Access

No Charge

Printing from Computers

$0.20 per page

Library Bags






Photocopies A4


Photocopies A3


Photocopies A4 (colour)


Photocopies A3 (colour)







$2.60 + $0.60 per page


$6.20 + $4.30 per page


$0.25 per page



Meeting Rooms






Groups with Library/Council Links

No Charge

Security Deposit










Security Deposit




Training Room






Security Deposit




Book Sales









Further information
1300 695 427

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