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Accessible Facilities at Yarra Libraries branches




TTY Collingwood Library has a TTY machine available for use by the hearing impaired. A TTY is a text telephone, which is used for two-way text conversation over a telephone line. These machines originated 'intechnology,' used for teletypewriters and are now known as 'TTY'. They are also known as 'TDD' (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf).

The device 'rings' via flashing and consists of a keyboard, a display screen and a modem. The letters that the TTY user types into the machine are turned into electrical signals that can travel over telephone lines. When the signals reach their destination (in this case another TTY) they are converted back into letters which appear on the display screen.

The libraries TTY number is 9495 6903.


DAISY players

Daisy PlayerLibrary members with a print disability* can listen to audio books, magazines and even newspapers with the new Digital Accessible Information Systems (DAISY player) available to borrow from any of Yarra’s libraries.
The DAISY players offer the reader more options than cassette or CD players, with features such as large tactile buttons and simple operation.
They can be used to play the library’s audiobook CDs, including MP3 versions or audio files stored on USB sticks or memory cards.
They are also compatible with Vision Australia’s collection.
DAISY players can be borrowed from any Yarra Libraries branch. Bookings are essential and can be made by contacting Yarra Libraries on 1300 695 427 or

*A print disability can include blindness or vision impairment, or a physical or perceptual impairment which means that reading a conventional book is not possible.


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1300 695 427



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