White Street Reserve

White Street Reserve

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White Street Reserve, the pocket park on the corner of White Street and Railway Crescent, Richmond, is due to be upgraded in 2015/16.

The renewal works will focus on upgrading the playground equipment, replacing the main pathway, and providing additional tree planting. A copy of the proposed plan is provided below.

pdf format White Reserve Park Upgrade Plan (381.88 KB)

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Submissions closed on Friday 30 October 2015. The plan will now be adjusted and residents will soon be advised of the outcomes of the consultation process and the timing of the works.

Proposed improvements

The proposed improvements (prior to the consultation) were as follows:

  • replacement of the existing diagonal asphalt path with an exposed aggregate concrete path that incorporates a gentle curve;
  • introduction of accent garden beds featuring native ornamental grasses and boulders at the park’s entry points and adjoining the playground;
  • introduction of a curved playground area with a recycled red brick edge;
  • replacement of two existing seats with new standard City of Yarra seats;
  • introduction of a row of dwarf lemon scented gums to provide shade to main pathway;
  • introduction of large lemon scented gum to north-west corner of park; and
  • relocation of the existing bin.

The proposal calls for the existing playground to be replaced by a new one featuring the following elements.

  • Monkey bars – These enable older children to test and develop their physical abilities.
  • Rocker – Rockers enhance toddlers' sense of balance and help them to coordinate their movements, while giving older children great fun as they swing enthusiastically.
  • Multi-play unit – This provides a variety of interesting and stimulating play activities for children aged 3–8 years, in a style that is contemporary and understated. It uses natural materials where possible and incorporates a slide, rock climbing wall, clever variations in platform levels and an open playhouse. The equipment can be used by large numbers of children, providing them with a range of activities to enhance learning and motor skills. A timber batten shade structure has also been provided to provide protection from the sun. 
  • Climbing cube – The climbing cube allows children to test their balance, agility and coordination. Older children can clamber up the nets, walls, poles and ladders.
  • Spinning disc – Rotating equipment is ideal for children of all ages. Younger children gradually learn about speed and momentum. Older children can develop their sense of balance and test their limits.
  • Double swing – Swings are a traditional play item and a key element in any playground. The swings proposed have wooden posts and blend into the environment. A toddler seat and regular seat are proposed.

 Features and facilities

  • Playground
  • Seating
  • On-street parking


White Street, Richmond
Melways 2G, J10

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Further information:
9205 5555

Information regarding hiring of park facilities:
9205 5555

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