Street light changeover project

Street lights 2008 Yarra's street light network began making the switch to energy efficient light globes in late 2010. 

In August 2010, Council started changing the first of about 4000 light globes across the municipality.

The last of those 4000 new globes was installed in March 2011, completing one of Council's biggest carbon-cutting projects to date.

In late May 2012, the final stage of street light replacement works is set to begin.

Council estimates it can reduce its annual electricity use by about 9.5% and cut its carbon emissions by an estimated 2000 tonnes per year by using the energy efficient globes.

The total project cost over both stages costs about $2 million to implement and is estimated to save Council in excess about $300,000 a year in electricity charges.

Stage Two Replacements - May and June 2012

About 1000 new lights will be installed on streets in Alphington, Fairfield and Carlton North in May and June. 

Most of the new street lights will emit a white light compared to the existing yellow light (in some streets), with greater spread of illumination aimed to improve safety for the area.

At some locations the colour of the new light may be slightly more yellow, but such changes are not uncommon when street lights are upgraded, as different light models produce different colours.

The new street lights (typically long linear florescent tubes) can be seen in local streets throughout  Fitzroy, Richmond and Collingwood.

Stage One Replacements - background

During the light switch over in late 2010 and early 2011, about 50 residents in different parts of Yarra contacted Council to report an increased amount of light shining into their homes.

Council worked with its contactor CitiPower on solutions to resolve each individual issue.

There are a number of options available to Council to address specific requirements for some residents while maintaining adequate street lighting illumination.

Supporting green lights for Victorian Councils

Council has led the way for other municipalities to upgrade to green-friendly lights but has also backed the Municipal Association of Victoria's Give Our Streets the Green Light campaign which calls on State and Federal governments to provide Victorian councils with $40 million to help pay for the globe changeovers. 

For further information about this project or to report concerns with the new lights, please contact Peter Whittle, Greenhouse Accounting Officer, on 9205 5754, or at 


Further information
Peter Whittle
Greenhouse Accounting Officer
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